Banging My Dear Young Cousin

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Hello,I am a handsome 15 year old asian lad,5ft11inch,a bit muscular(but not too much).Now straight to the point.My cousin Susan is not what you call stunning.Nope,she doesnt look bad…at least not good enough to be a star model.No,she is beautiful in her own way,and everyone would agree only if only they saw her twice.Anyway,we were very close from our childhood,infact too close,like a brother and sister.medium height of 5ft 2.5,not really large breasts(between b cup and c cup)…curly,wavy black hair always the same pigtail hairstyle,yellow complexion…beautiful,hazel eyes… .But what really makes us close that we were born at exactly the same year.So,she is 15 as of now.
Anyway,the story starts a few days back.The whole of family gathered for reunion at grandads home.Now,the family was large but the house was….well not small,but it was not enough to accmodate all of us.Anyway,it was decided that i would sleep with my brothers plus male cousins….but it was impossible,for want of space.Now,it happens that Susan was the only female cousin,she got a room for herself,and very soon,it was decided that I am forced to sleep with her for that night.Little did i know that this would be one of the longest and definitely kocaeli escort the best night of my life…
We had to share a bed,since there was only one.It was very small…meant only for one person.I offered to sleep on the floor,but she refused,saying that i will get cold.I asked her how we were gonna sleep in this tiny bed then.She said a little sadly,”We’ll see.”Then she went to the bathroom and came out minutes later in only her undergarments-a white bra with silk white panties.Not only I was shocked,the sight of my dear cousin near nude in front of me actually caused a stirring in my pants.I looked away instantly,and asked”Susie,what are you-“
“oh,I sleep usully in my underwear…cant get sleep in tight cloths,you see”
I noticed that her nipples were poking through the bra….in a strained sort of way.Now,I heard girls getting their nipples erected whenever they were horny.Was my own cousin horny coz of me,right now?
Apparently,she must have noticed my boner,because her eyes were fixed at my crotch.I looked at her,plucked some courage and asked,”Would you like to have a look at it?”
“You pervert!”she laughed,but wheater she liked it or not i didnt care.I opened the darıca escort zip of my pj hesitantly,but then she said,”carry on”.”no fair you get to see mine,i should get to see yours”
“”Fine by me”Then in an instant her panties were down to her knees leaving her exposed pussy for me to see.Holy shit,i was looking at my cousin sisters own pussy!It was,well,beautiful was the the only word to describe it.It was a bit hairy(i guess she rarely shaves).I opened my zips and my boner was freed of its prison.Well,not too large about 6.5 inch and hell,there are a lot of gits out there with longer ones.But she said,”Gosh…its beautiful!”Really?”yeah..”she replied.Then i cupped her pussy,and my,it was really dripping wet,the every bit of hair was wet from tip to end.She fisted my cock,a little shyly,but nonetheless.i cupped her breasts with both hands and twisted her nipples.She had no reaction although,the nipples quiverd a bit frantically at my touch.I tore of her revealing bra and gasped.Her round breasts were perfect,capped with large areoles with half inch niplles standing on attention.I sucked on it affectionately,she just watched,and suddenly a gush of milkran to my mouth,i looked at her questioningly,she replied”its for you…i hoped gölcük escort that this might happen,so i took some lactation pills.Not very powerful,tho..”to me it was powerful enough…i enjoyed sensation of milk flowing from my 15 year old young cousin’s perfect breasts.and then,it hit me.Hell,15 year olds can lactate so well!!i enjoyed her taste,but the real action was yet to come.I grasped her up,threw her on the bed.She just smiled….and i lay on top of her and entered…yep,she was a was my first time as well..i slid in at first then slowly steadily,i broke through her hymen.i expected screaming,but she had sense enough not to wake up the whole house…she just gasped violently,and held me tight.i didnt care,i begen thrusting inside her.she began responding gradually with thrust of her was a wonderful sensation…the feeling of my cock enveloped in her tight,warm juicy fifteen year old twat…and after about 10 minutes,she incresed her grip on my hips and remain still like this for some time.insticts told me she was coming…a lttle while later with a final,deep thrust into her young womb,i exploded,pumping in her,injecting large doses of potent seed on her unprotected twat…there was so much that some of it over flowed out of her pussy lips….she just smiled at me,and i resumed on a bit thrusting..sucking milk….
10 months later she became a fifteen year old mother of my child…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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