Ballet School Ch. 03

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Chapter Three-Discovery and Pain

The showers for the dorms were just down the hall from our room, which was nice as both felt a little self conscious even though we knew we were alone, we were covered in cum and feeling exposed. We grabbed a towel each, wrapped it around us, soap, shampoo and the cheap flip flops they gave us and made our way to the showers. The lights seemed really bright coming from our darkened room and we felt very vulnerable.

“Maybe we should shower separately Chris?”

“No way Jay. This may be our only chance this year and we’re doing it. We’ll be quick and it’ll be fine. Come here and help me wash,” he said smiling at me.

I didn’t need anymore persuading than that and dropping my towel, I grabbed my soap and came up behind him on the shower. I got a big lather going in my hands and slid up behind him, my arms reaching around and covering his cock and balls with soap, I started gently washing and massaging his balls and erect cock. He moaned and reached backward grabbing and tugging at my cock.

“Wash my hole Jay. Get right in there. My asshole is very sensitive.”

“Have you ever had sex before Chris with a man?”

“Not with a man or a woman, but I have a nice dildo that I use and I found lots of uses for cucumbers and my fingers too. I love the feeling of having my ass filled. It makes me crazy Jay. Finger me please, and don’t be shy, I can take four fingers and sometimes more when I’m relaxed and we’ll lubed. I know this is soon Jay, but I want you to be my first. I want to give my self up to you, tonite.”

“Wow Chris, I cant believe it. This means so much to me. I’ll canlı bahis be gentle, I promise. We don’t have any protection though.”

I stepped back and looked down at the ground.

“What’s wrong Jay, talk to me.”

I’ve been a top before Chris. The guy was a friend of mine and we got a little drunk one night and everyone was passed out and he asked me if I wanted to fool around. I wore a condom and we had sex that night and a few times more over the year. That was my last year in college. I had given a blow job before that to another friend, but nothing other than that.”

Chris reached under my chin and lifting my face even with his, kissed me passionately, water streaming over our faces.

“It’ll be our first time together Jay. That means the world to me. Turn me around and get me ready. Finger me Jay, put all four fingers in me and then make love to me.”

I turned him slowly around and soaping up my hand, spread his beautiful ass cheeks with my finger and started twirling around his beautiful rosebud. He moaned, twisted and thrashed, like he was being shocked.

“Oh gosh, Jay, I’m on fire right now. I’m burning up, stick it in me please.”

I slowly inserted my middle finger and he pushed back hard into my hand, arching back and morning loudly.

“Oh man this is so much better than I imagined. Faster Jay finger me please.”

I plunged my finger deep and moved my hand back and forth sawing deep into that perfect ass that was clenching my hand like a vise.

“Don’t worry about hurting me, put more in. I can take it,” and to show me he pushed back hard into my hand grinding his hips and bahis siteleri squeezing my hand with that powerful ass. I pulled out my hand and wet my fingers under the shower water. I put two fingers against his sweet hole and slowly pushed into him as he pushed back against me he groaned like a lion.

“Aaah yes, fuck me hard Jay. Finger fuck me please. Harder and faster and my nipples. Please play with them, twist them hard too. I love that.”

I drove my hand deep into his ass while stroking his sweet nipples that were sticking out like bullets from his lean, ripped chest. I lost my inhibitions and starting fingering him fast and furious, adding a third finger and then a fourth. With four it took a lot of strength to get them into his right sweet cherry, but I pushed hard and he drove his ass into my hand right up to the knuckles. He was stretched wide and impaled on my hand, panting like a dog.

“Chris, I want to fuck you in our bed. Let’s go back please. I need you know”

“He turned and kissed me whilst, tonguing me and sucking on my lip while grabbing my ass and cock.

“Let’s go.”

We dried off and walked down the hall, our cocks as hard as rock. Chris walked ahead of me and his ass was a thing of beauty. Perfect marble like globes glistening in the soft light of our hallway.

He got down on all fours and stuck his ass in the air.

“There’s lube in my gym bag, Jay, but no condom. I want you to fill me up with you.”

I grabbed the lube and spread it all over my cock and coated my hand. I grabbed his hip with my left hand and started fingering him, first one, then quickly adding fingers bahis şirketleri until four of them were jammed up his beautiful hole. As tight as he was, I could tell he’d stretched his ass a lot. My hand was pumping in and out easily. I drove my hand in deep and he arched back groaning. In one quick move I pulled my hand out, grabbed both of his hips and moved my cock head against his hole, pushing it in slowly. I wanted this to last and I could feel it wouldn’t. My cock and balls were aching and I was feeling so much emotion right now.

“Make love to me Jay.”

I pumped into him slowly, pulling out almost all the way and waiting, him pushing back leaving him more, caressing my cock around his sweet hole and then I drove back fast and hard into him, burying my cock all the way into his luscious ass, pulling him by the hips into my throbbing shaft.

He screamed out loud and I blew a huge load into his willing ass. We both shook and trembled as I pumped every last drop into him. He collapsed on the bed and I fell into his arms. In seconds we were both dozing off. Way off in the distance of my slumbering mind, I heard the distinct sound of a door clicking shut. I froze and held my breath.

“Chris did you hear that. Chris!”

Dammit he was fast asleep. I’m sure I heard a door and I knew that it could only be one person. This wasn’t the ending to a perfect night that I wanted. I was filled with dread. He must have heard us. We were moaning and howling like wild dogs in heat. I prayed for the first time in a long time that he wouldn’t separate us. That would be horrible. If he tried, I would go see Gary. He said he would help if we needed him. I didn’t want this to end. It was just beginning and I felt like I was already falling in love with this sweet and beautiful man lying in my arms.

I finally dozed off, safe, warm and content.

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