Aye pet, aal the way

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Group Sex

A warning to my readers

This little tale is an experiment; an experiment in trying to write speech in a form of dialect, which I hope will be recognised as our own by fellow Geordies. Please forgive the spelling in the dialect passages. I have had to torture English in an attempt to convey the sounds. I would appreciate any feedback you care to make on my success – or otherwise – in this attempt. I would also appreciate comment on the use of dialect in a written work generally. I have chosen to write the narrative in a conventional form as I felt that trying to use dialect for that too would be overkill. In conclusion I offer my grateful thanks to Wildsweetone for her comments.

The story is set a few years ago. Read on, and enjoy…

* * * * *

“Where d’ye wanna gan the neet? Pictures, or doon the Bull?” Tommy Carr looked expectantly at his girlfriend, Jenny Porter, as they waited for the bus home from work.

“D’ ye fancy stoppin’ in?” Jenny asked, a curious smile on her pretty face.

Tommy shrugged. “W’ could, I suppose. What aboot yer mam?”

“She’s gannin’ to the Maj, to the Bingo, wi’ Doris.” Jenny grinned. “And,” she declared triumphantly, “they’re gannin’ t’ the Dolce, after the Bingo.”

Tommy grinned and shook his head. “Right pair o’ loonies. Watch oot, Newcastle, the Wicked Widows is comin’.” He looked at Jenny. “Y’ mean there’ll just be ye and me in th’ hoose?”

Jenny nodded and arched her eyebrows suggestively.

Tommy smiled slowly. “What time?”

“Me mam said they’re catchin’ the seven o’clock bus.”

“I’ll come roond aboot half-past. I’ll bring a couple of bottles of Broon.”

“Just the two, mind. I divvent want y’ incapable.” Realising what she had just implied Jenny flushed, but there was a tingle in her pussy and she knew that she intended to go ‘all the way’ with Tommy that evening.

“Just the two,” Tommy agreed. “Here’s the bus comin’.”

At seven-thirty, washed, shaved and wearing clean jeans and shirt, Tommy rang the doorbell of the second-floor flat Jenny shared with her mother, Anne, who had been widowed now for four years. Jenny must have been watching for him, because the door was opened immediately and she stood back to let him in.

Tommy flourished his bag. “Two bottles of Broon, hen.”

“I’ll put them on the kitchen table while y’ hang yer coat up.”

The living-room was cosy that autumn evening. The curtains were closed against the gathering night and a low wattage lamp glowed warmly on a side table. The gas fire glowed cheerily and Jenny had pulled the couch round so that it faced toward the fire. A selection of record albums was already loaded on the auto-change turntable and Jenny started the first one playing as Tommy hung his coat.

He came into the living-room where she stood before the couch. Despite her plan, she was nervous, but Tommy came straight to her and put his arms around her. Relaxing she moved into his embrace. There was no reserve in her kiss and he grinned delightedly when she broke it, tugging him towards the couch.

They sat down and she turned towards him, her arms going around his neck as he bent towards her for their second kiss. They leaned against the back of the couch as she concentrated on the kiss. Losing herself in it, her tongue moving against his, Jenny smiled to herself as she felt his right hand come up to cup her breast, feeling her nipple hardening against his clumsy caress.

Jenny reached up and took Tommy’s hand from her shoulder, moving it so that it was within the loose neck of her dress. No second hint was necessary and his hand moved down inside her dress, inside her bra, his fingertips cupping her naked breast, her nipple warm and hard against his fingers.

Jenny moaned deep in her throat and pulled him tight against her, then gently pushed him back.

“What’s the marra, pet?” he asked, surprised. “I thowt y’ were enjoyin’ it.”

“I am.” She grinned. “I wanna enjoy it more. Help us wi’ me zip.” She turned her back to him. Tommy sat for a moment, trembling, then reached out gingerly and unhooked the neck of Jenny’s dress, moving the zipper down to her shapely bottom.

Jenny stood and moved away, turning to face him, then let the dress slide down and off her body, stepping neatly out of it and bending to fold it over the back of a nearby chair. She struck a pose and grinned at him.

“D’ ye like me new undies?”

Tommy nodded, speechless at the sight of his girlfriend in her underwear. A low-cut pink satin bra with matching panties, pink garter-belt and tan stockings were ankara üniversiteli escort all she now wore, her lovely breasts barely contained.

Jenny held out her hand to him and he stood and moved closer. She reached up and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Unhook me bra, pet,” she whispered, turning her back.

With trembling hands Tommy obliged and Jenny let the bra slide down her arms and off, before turning to him, head held high and proud.

“Wha’ d’ ye think o’ me tits?”

“They’re gorgeous,” Tommy croaked, his mouth dry. He bent and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking gently, nipping it with pursed lips, the sight of Jenny’s lovely breasts vivid in his mind. She pressed his head against herself, moaning gently as he suckled, feeling her nipples getting harder, feeling too the moisture in her pussy. Tommy ceased his suckling and stood straight, pulling her against him, his arms around her, holding her close.

Jenny contented herself with being held for a moment, aware of Tommy’s erection pressing against her. She broke the embrace and stepped back, grinning at him.

“I think y’d better get yer jeans off, pet, or y’ll dee yersel’ a mischief. Come on, we’ll use me mam’s bed.” She reached out and took his hand, leading him out of the living-room, across the tiny hallway and into her mother’s bedroom where a bedside lamp already glowed.

Tommy realised now that Jenny intended to let him bed her, realised too that he had no protection with him and despite his raging hormones spoke his fears.


“Aye, pet?”

“Are you… I mean, are we, y’ knaa, gannin’ t’…” His voice trailed off.

Jenny looked at him. “Fuck?”

Tommy nodded.

“Aye, pet, aal the way,” said Jenny. “‘Cos if we’re not, I think I should have kep’ me claes on.”

“I’ve got nee Durex or anythin’. I didn’t knaa y’ were plannin’ t’ dee this.”

Jenny smiled and took his hand. “I’ve been on th’ pill for two months, love. I didn’t want w’ forst time spoiled by a bit of rubber.” She squeezed his fingers. “Get yer kecks off!”

Jenny stepped back and began to loosen her stockings, pushing them down and off her slender legs. Removal of the garter-belt took but a moment and she put her fingers to the waistband of her panties, glancing at Tommy.

“Come on, man, I want t’ see what ye’ve got. It felt aal reet, but I wanna see it!” She pushed her panties down and off and stood before him, gloriously naked.

Shaking his head, Tommy pulled his shirt off over his head without bothering with the buttons, fumbled open his belt then unzipped himself as quickly as he had ever done and in moments was as naked as Jenny. His erection was hot and hard before him and Jenny sighed, reaching out gently to touch him. She snatched her hand back.

“It’s hot!”

“What’d y’ expect, y’ daft lass. It’s full o’ blood, and blood’s hot.”

Jenny giggled, reaching out again to him. “It’s nice.” She took his hand and tugged him towards the bed. “Come on, I wanna feel it inside me.”

She lay back on the bed, spreading her legs. Awkwardly, Tommy knelt between them.

“Are y’ sure?” he murmured.

“Aye, love. I’m deed sortain.”

Tommy lowered himself, putting his prick to where he thought Jenny’s pussy was. She giggled and reached down, guiding him into her. She was soaking with her own desire and he moved easily into her until she grabbed his shoulders, wincing, a cry of pain escaping her lips.

“What’s the marra, pet?” Tommy asked anxiously.

“I’m still vorgin, y’ daft bugger. I’ve still gorra hymen, y’ knaa. Jus’ gan canny a minute, ’til I get used to y’.”

Jenny wriggled, settling herself, then tugged gently at Tommy’s hips. He pressed forwards again, gentle but firm and Jenny bit her lip as he moved, gasping as Tommy felt himself break through her barrier and moaning as he sank deeply into her.

“Hang on a sec’, love,” she whispered, “jus’ ’til I get used t’ it.” She smiled up at him. “It feels great so far.”

“It does for me an’ aal, pet, yer aal nice and tight roond me cock.”

Jenny put her arms around his neck and kissed him lightly on the lips. “I’m aal reet now, pet. Y’ can carry on and give us a good fuck.”

Tommy began to move, pulling back slightly and then pressing forward, gradually moving deeper into Jenny’s virgin pussy. He was glad he had masturbated before he came out. Not that he had expected this, for he hadn’t, just that he couldn’t spend any time in Jenny’s company without wanting her. And now, he told himself yenimahalle escort bemusedly, he was having her. Or she was having him. Whichever, it didn’t matter. They were fucking and they were both enjoying it. God, yes!

Despite his earlier masturbation, Tommy could feel himself getting close. He kissed Jenny lightly, never ceasing his stroking in and out of her soaking depths.

“I’m ganna come, pet,” he whispered.

Jenny groaned. “Dee it in me, love. I wanna feel it when y’ come.”

Tommy slowed his stroke and concentrated on moving the full length of his erection in Jenny’s pussy, withdrawing until he almost left her, then pushing deep back inside her. He was close now, feeling that incredible tension that comes just before climax.

“Now, pet, I’m ganna come now.”

“Yes,” Jenny whispered. “Come for me.”

Tommy gave a couple of firm strokes then shuddered as his climax took him, jerking almost in spasms as his seed filled Jenny, moaning as he filled her.

“Oh, yes!” Jenny cried, “yes, yes, yes!”

Gradually they stilled and as Tommy’s cock softened he eased himself from Jenny’s body and lay beside her. She reached over and took his hand, twining her fingers in his. He looked across at her and she smiled, blowing him a kiss.

“Canny good, that,” she said. “I liked it. I wanna dee it agen.”

“I thowt it were really marvellous, mesel’,” said Tommy.

Jenny ran her eyes over her lover’s naked body, and giggled suddenly.

“What y’ giggling for?”

“Look at yer cock, man. It’s aal bloody. Y’ can tell I was vorgin.”

“I’ll gan and get a cloth from th’ bathroom, hen. Just stay there. I like lookin’ at yer when ye’ve got nee claes on.”

“Y’ divvent look so bad yersel’, Tommy Carr. Nice arse,” she murmured as he moved to the bathroom, flashing a grin over his shoulder at her remark. He was back in moments with a warm soapy cloth and a fresh towel and washed Jenny’s pussy carefully. She sighed as he dried her with equal care.

“Watch what yer deein’ with that towel, Tom. Ye’ll mek us aal wet again.”

“Aal the better for seconds.”

“Can y’ manage to dee it again?” Jenny asked eagerly.

“Aye, but give us a bit rest forst. I’ll gan’n’get a bottle of Broon, eh?”

“Aal reet, but two glasses, mind. Yer not drinkin’ it aal yersel.”

Tommy went out naked and was back in moments with the bottle of Brown Ale and two glasses. He’d even remembered to bring a bottle opener and Jenny held the glasses while he poured the ale. Tommy passed her a glass and she scooted herself up the bed so that she could lean against the headboard.

Tommy clinked his glass against Jenny’s and raised his in toast. “T’ the best lass in the world.”

“I’ll drink t’ that,” Jenny giggled. She raised her own glass. “T’ the best cock on Tyneside.”

Tommy laughed. “An’ I’ll drink t’ that!”

They drank the beer in companionable silence for a while, each of them looking at the other, enjoying their first unhurried look at a naked lover.


“Aye, Tom?”

“Yer beautiful.”

Jenny leaned across and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Yer not s’ bad yersel’.” She drained her glass, reached and took the empty from his hand and put both glasses on the bedside table.

“I divvent knaa aboot ye, Tom, but I think I’d like to dee it again.” She reached out and gently caressed his mostly limp cock, smiling delightedly as it twitched in her light grasp and began to harden.

Tommy smiled and slid his left arm under her neck, his right stroking her upper thigh, over her hip, up, to cup her breast and lightly brush her nipple. He bent and took her nipple lightly between his teeth. Jenny shuddered.

“Suck them, Tom,” she whispered.

Tommy smiled and applied himself to her request, his lips moving ceaselessly as he suckled. His right hand moved down to play lightly with the curls on her mons and he extended his middle finger and slid it into her cleft, stroking, easing into her slick, wet opening. Jenny gasped and clutched at his head, feeling his cock pressing against her thigh as it hardened.

“Oh, Tommy! Put it in agen, love. Let’s fuck.”

He moved over her as she spread her legs for him, looking down at the deep pink of her opening as he moved his cock towards her. This time he held himself braced on extended arms, grinning at Jenny as she guided him into her, watching as the blunt head of his cock pushed aside her lower lips and disappeared within her body.

Jenny groaned. “Jeez, Tom, that feels s-o-o-o ankara zenci escort good.”

“Aye, f’ me too, pet.” He laughed. “It looked good, an’ aal, gannin’ in, like.”

Jenny chuckled, then gasped as Tommy thrust deep within her. “Aah, Tommy, that is good!”

Tom began to move steadily, thrusting his cock into Jenny’s hot, wet pussy. There was a spot of high colour on Jenny’s cheeks and her breathing deepened as Tommy thrust. Her knees came up and she hooked her heels together behind him, urging him deeper inside her. Her breathing changed, almost a gasp on each smooth stroke of Tommy’s cock in her slick wetness and she could feel each movement of the thick, blunt head within her.

Tommy was enjoying the heat and wet of Jenny’s pussy and despite having come so recently he could feel the build-up to climax deep within.

“It’ll not be lang before I c’n come again, hen,” he whispered.

“I wanna come an’ aal, this time,” Jenny murmured. “Ease up a little, Tom. Let’s get me finger in.”

Tom eased back slightly and Jenny slipped her hand between them, fingering her clitoris lightly as he moved to fill her again. She enjoyed the feeling of Tommy’s cock as it pistoned into her next to her busy fingers. Her free hand played with the curls of hair at his nape and stroked lightly over his shoulder as she felt the familiar stirrings within her.

“I’m gannin’ t’ come soon, Tom,” she said softly.

“Me an’ aal. Ye first, pet.” He smiled down at her, never ceasing his rhythmic pushes into her.

Jenny grinned up at him and quickened her fingers. Her smile faded and a look of expectation built on her face until with a gasp she grasped at Tommy with her free hand as a shudder went through her.

“Oh, yes-s-s,” she hissed, a series of smaller shudders running through her as she climaxed.

Tommy groaned and increased his tempo, stiffening moments later and thrusting hard into Jenny as he, too, climaxed, shaking in his release, gradually stilling and collapsing across Jenny as his arms gave way. Jenny screamed as she caught sight of the slim figure in the doorway, catching herself as she recognised her mother.

“Mam! How long have ye been there?”

“Long enough to see y’ enjoyin’ yersel. No, Tom,” Anne Porter said urgently. “It’s aal reet, pet. Stay wi’ Jenny. It’s important to slow doon together. Stay wi’ ‘er until y’ faal oot.”

Jenny giggled, then frowned. “Mam, y’ nearly scared the shit oot of us, y’ knaa. Anyhow, what are y’ deein’ back so soon. I thowt y’ were gannin’ to the Dolce after th’ bingo.”

Anne Porter smiled, her eyes fixed on her daughter’s boyfriend’s back as he lay between Jenny’s legs, still panting from his exertions, avoiding Anne’s eye, bemused and strangely excited by the situation in which he found himself.

“W’ won the jackpot, Doris’n’me. Five thoosand quid. Doris wanted to celebrate so w’ went t’ the Bacchus. Anne shook her head ruefully. “The silly coo got hersel’ pissed, so I brought her hyem in a taxi. I put her t’ bed and came straight hyem mesel’.”

“And found yer daughter getting’ royally fucked in yer bed,” said Jenny.

Anne nodded. “Aye.”

Jenny studied her mother, seeing the faint longing on her face. “Mam?” she said.

Anne looked up at her. “Aye, pet?”

“When was the last time y’ got fucked yersel’?”

“Jenny Porter!”

“Answer me, Mam. When?” Jenny said softly.

Anne stared at her daughter wordlessly for a moment, then drew a deep breath. “The neet before yer Da was killed in that bloody accident, as if it’s any of your business.”

“Dad an’ ye had a good sex life, Mam, did’n’ yer? I used to listen outside y’ room, y’ knaa.”

“I wondered aboot that,” said Anne, a faint smile on her lips.

“Why divvent y’ tek yer claes off noo, Mam, an’ get in wi’ Tom and me? Tom’ll be glad to give y’ a good fuckin’, won’t y’ Tom?” Jenny said softly, her eyes on her mother, seeing the sudden desire that followed Anne’s shock at her daughter’s words.

Startled himself, Tommy looked at Jenny, but she nodded ‘yes’ to him and suppressed a giggle as she felt his dwindling cock twitch inside her. He looked over his shoulder at Anne.

“I’d be honoured, Mrs. Porter,” he said earnestly.

Anne stared blindly at the two teenagers on the bed for a long moment, then slowly took off her coat, dropping it on the chair in the corner of her bedroom. Her fingers went to the buttons of her dress and she began to unfasten it.

“Y’d better bunk ower, pet, cos if ye divvent there’ll be nee room for Tom to fuck us.” Anne Porter chuckled, smiling at Tommy. “An’ Tommy lad, I think y’d better caal us Anne, under the corcumstances.”

* * * * *

For those of you who have made it this far, thanks for staying! As I said in my preamble, I welcome feedback and constructive criticism. And while you have your fingers near the keyboard a vote would be welcome, too.

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