Art Class with a Happy Ending Ch. 01

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It was a sunny Saturday morning. I woke up in my bed, staring at the light flooding through the gaps in the curtains. It had been an unusually warm night for Spring, I had slept in my boxers and I was slightly sweaty. I stared down at my body, as I lay on top of my sheets, and I realised that I had awoke with an erection. I had dreamt about her again. Emily, the girl I couldn’t keep my eyes off, the one who distracted me in art class. She was the cute, funny, punk chick. Petite, blonde, slightly busty and slightly pale with a beautiful round ass and a friendly face; she was my dream girl. Not only was she beautiful, I loved her personality. She was artsy, funny, smart and bubbly. I couldn’t ask for more in a girl. We seemed to like the same things, laugh at the same jokes and talk about the same stuff. I felt like she was made for me.

The problem was she was already taken by an older guy who had graduated a few years prior. This didn’t stop me from staring up her skirt (which she would wear so high) when she would walk up the stairs, watching her ass cheeks move around her panties, or checking out her legs when she bent over. She gave me a hard on just thinking about her. My dick tingled as I fantasized about her body…I got out of bed, and opened the door to my room slightly to check if anybody was up yet.

The hallway was clear, and the bathroom was empty. I quickly rushed over to the bathroom and locked the door, pulling off my boxers, and looking at myself in the mirror. I was not ‘big’ by any means, but a good sized dick. I shaved my pubic region and balls semi-regularly, and my hair was getting a little long, so I grabbed my razor and cream and jumped into the shower. I started applying the cream, which aroused me further, as I slowly starting rubbing my cock, fantasizing about Emily being in the shower with me. I stared down at my cock as it slowly grew larger. I slowly and gently shaved my hair away. I always fantasized about her, and what her naked wet body would look like. I had always had an ass fetish. I loved the idea of two beautiful soft ass cheeks, bouncing around a cock sliding in and out of the glory hole.

I imagined Emily bending over, my tongue moving in and out of her cheeks as I stroked my throbbing dick. I washed the remainder of the shaving cream off myself, and I slowly stroked the soft smooth skin. I suddenly became harder than before, as I opened my legs wider. I grabbed my dick and started to pull slowly, up and down. I jerked as I watched my foreskin slide on and off the head of my cock. Thinking about her made me want to cum, and I sped up as the hot water running down my cock steamed.

The sound of my hand slapping my bare pubic region, as I moaned ever increasingly turned my thoughts to Emily moaning as I fuck her pussy… my dick sliding in and out, my balls bouncing around the inside of my legs… As climax approached, my concentration and pleasure was broken by the sound of my phone alarm going off from my room. I stopped masturbating, feeling cheated by reality. I had to go to school that day to complete some art works that were due next week. I didn’t want to be late, so I got out of the shower, and my cock reluctantly began shrinking. I put away my shaving gear, dried myself off and put my boxers back on, then made my way back to my bedroom to get dressed.

I saw a note on my door that I didn’t notice on the way out. It was from Mom, it read ‘Morning Son, we’ve gone to the Boardwalk for the day, we won’t be back until dinner time. See you then, Mom’. So I was home alone. I walked into my room and threw on some jeans, a tee and sweater. I couldn’t stop thinking about her body. I walked out into the kitchen with a half erection, and quickly put some toast on. After eating, I grabbed my keys and my folio and walked out to the car, Emily’s soft white ass on my mind.


I pull up at the front of my school and locked the doors to my car, and I walk through the front gate. The school felt strangely deserted on a Saturday. The only other people there are the lawn mower and gardening crew. By then my erection was fully gone, but I still felt strangely disappointed without fully relieving myself. I made my way towards the art room, the smell of freshly cut grass through the air. A small thought briefly crossed my mind; imagine fucking her outdoors. That was another fetish of mine. I would strip off while home alone, and masturbate outdoors. It felt so right, so free to have the rays of sunshine and the breeze on my body.

Another idea quickly came; should I relieve myself in the restroom? The idea went as soon as it came. They would be locked, nobody else was there to open them. I approached the door of the art wing, and saw a small note from our art teacher; ‘Senior Students; I’ve left the room open for you, help yourself to the computers and materials, make ankara türbanlı escort sure that you lock up if you are the last one to leave, thanks’. I walked into the room, and sat my folio down on a desk and turned one of the computers on. I didn’t know if any other students would turn up, most had said they were working today. I opened my book and began drawing some images. While I sat there drawing, I could not get the image of her body out of my mind. I wanted her so bad. Since nobody else was around, I started drawing a naked body. Her naked body. Perky breasts, a shaved pussy, a curvy ass and blonde hair slowly filled the page. I had drawn her before, but never this well.

I found a tent in my jeans slowly rise as I added more detail. She looked incredibly hot in the picture, almost as good as she really was. In the picture she had her legs spread wide open, fingering her vagina. Emily and I were both covering the same art style this year: illustration. I began filling the background, 20 minutes or so had passed since I had arrived. I wondered if anybody would turn up.

As soon as the thought crossed my mind, the door opened and none other than Emily herself entered the room. She looked so much hotter in her own clothes. She wore a black and gray skirt, Goth boots and a pink top with a white skull which showed just a peek of cleavage. A hint of nipple was barely visible. I quickly, and clumsily, hid the drawing of her naked body in my diary and smiled at her as she noticed me.

“Hey!” she greeted me, smiling, her beautiful eyes lighting up.

“Hey, Emily.” I replied smiling back, my face going slightly red. I hoped she didn’t notice my drawing of her. I watched her walk around to the desk opposite me, and she sat down unpacking her bag onto the desk.

“So, just us today is it?” She asked happily.

“Yeah I guess it is, everybody else is working…” I said. We caught each other’s eye for a split second. My heart leapt as I realised that I still had quite an erection in my jeans. The same thought raced through my mind over and over again; please don’t look down, please don’t look down.

I saw her eyes quickly survey me from top to bottom. Her eyes widened slightly, and her soft lips formed a little smile. My face went redder still, as I tried to act composed.

“So, how’re your drawings going?” I said, attempting to get her mind away from my cock.

“Oh, not bad. I’ve been getting some inspiration from a few books I borrowed,” she replied politely, slowly looking up away from my bulge,”How are yours going? I saw you doing some drawing before.” She asked innocently with a sparkle in her eye. My face went red again. I wanted to change the subject, but I couldn’t without drawing even more attention to the picture.

“Oh that was just scribble really, just experimenting to be honest.” I replied, trying to sound casual. “So what are you going to do today?” I asked, trying to keep the conversation moving away from my drawing.

“Well I’ve done plenty of portrait work, so I think I’ll work on the essay. I haven’t done much for that.” She replied giggling. My stomach dropped slightly as she reminded me. I had forgotten about the essay entirely, and it was due next week. The topic was ‘Female nudity in art’.

“Have you done much work on your essay?” she asked.

“No, not much really,” I laughed “I’m kinda having trouble with the topic.”

“Oh really?” she asked, smiling broader than before “do you need any help?” she suggested. Many thoughts ran through my mind, but I cleared them. There would be no way in hell that that would ever happen.

“Yeah, well I’m not sure about the artists we’re supposed to be talking about. I’ve also had trouble finding images as the school blocks all of the sites and I can’t look up stuff at home without getting funny questions.” I explained, thinking aloud. Emily lent over her table, exposing her cleavage a little more, as she passed me her phone.

“The ones I’m writing about are on there, check them out.” She told me smiling, a mischievous look in her eyes.

I opened up the folder on her phone. There were about 15 photos of a gorgeous blonde girl. She was slightly pale, she had excellently perky tits, a shaved pussy with a small tuft of hair above her clit and a perfect bubble ass. The girl was in numerous poses, but none of them showed her face. I flicked through the pictures, trying to hide the erection in my jeans that was growing steadily. Whoever this person was, they were gorgeous. The photos were excellent quality. I was so tempted to Bluetooth the images to my own phone, as I badly wanted these in my porn collection, but she’d notice for sure. I handed the phone back to Emily.

“Those are cool images. Where did you get them?” I asked curiously. Emily looked at up at me ankara ukraynalı escort from the essay she was writing, smiling sexily.

“Let’s just say they’re home made.” Emily replied softly. She wasn’t exactly being subtle anymore.

“Those… Those are of you!?” I exclaimed. I was shocked, but very turned on at the same time. Not only did she have naked photos of herself, she had shown them to me. I could feel my dick hardening very fast. Emily giggled, clearly watching my pants rise.

“Yes, they’re of me. My boyfriend took them. He’s a photographer.” She explained. As she said it, I could see her legs opening slowly from under the table. Unable to control myself, I looked for a few seconds, and saw that she was rubbing her clit through the material of her g-string. I didn’t say anything. I was lost for words. Not only was I surprised and shocked by what I was seeing, it was also the hottest thing I had ever seen.

She looked in my eyes, and stood up. She slowly walked across to the front of my desk, and put her face close to mine. We both stared into each other’s eyes. Her shiny blue eyes were gorgeous. Without warning, she kissed me. At first I wanted to resist, but it felt so good. It felt too good. We thrust our lips into each others, our tongues met. The wet, soft sensation was beautiful. She moaned quietly as we shared our passion. I let out a small groan and pulled away, opening my eyes. She stood there, licking her lips with a clear expression of pleasure on her face. She lent over towards me again.

“You’re a good kisser.” She whispered, as she started to squeeze her breasts through her pink shirt. She definitely wasn’t wearing a bra.

“You too,” I said laughing, returning the compliment shyly. “But why?… What about your boyfriend?” I asked. She continued to fondle her breasts, staring me down.

“We have an open relationship… I don’t like him that much anymore though.” She answered. She stopped rubbing her tits, and moaned a little. She looked into my face and surveyed me closely.

“I’ve had a crush on you for a little while now.” She admitted, smiling. “I’ve noticed you checking me out in class. It really turns me on, you know.” She continued. I could clearly feel the butterflies in my stomach by this stage. She liked me, and I most definitely like her. I had to pluck up the courage.

“I’ve liked you for a while now too,” I replied, trying to sound relaxed as my heart raced “You’re so beautiful…” I said. Emily looked up at me.

“Maybe you’d like to see what is so beautiful about me.” She replied.

Without warning, she pulled her top off, revealing her pale, perky breasts. They jiggled slightly as her arms rested at her sides again. I unintentionally let out a longing groan as she did this. They were the best tits I had ever seen. Better than any porn in the world. Her nipples were hard, as she licked her finger and rubbed her breasts. They looked so soft. She smiled at me, teasingly. She walked around the table towards me, slowly undoing the zipper on the side of her skirt as she went. The skirt dropped to her feet, as she walked towards me in nothing but her black g-string and Goth boots. She could see the look of longing I had on my face, and large bulge protruding from my pants as she stood near naked in front of me.

“Go ahead.” Emily told me, wobbling her boobs slightly. Instinctively I stretched out my hands, and squeezed them. It felt wonderful; they were so soft yet so perky. I leaned forward and licked them slowly. Emily moaned slightly louder than before in her obvious pleasure. Emily’s hand brushed the bulge of my pants briefly, and we both looked up with the same look in our eyes.

Emily slowly got down on her knees, as I removed my sweater and tee. She vigorously undid my belt and fly, pulling my pants down to my knees. I moaned quietly in awe as she slowly pulled down my boxers, looking into my eyes. My erected cock burst out of my boxers. She looked at it and gasped, before looking back into my eyes.

“You’re so hard already! I love it.” She said, as she slowly put her lips around the head of my cock. Never had I felt such pleasure. The soft, wet and warm feelings all came together at once, and I moaned even louder. It was the best feeling in the world. Her tongue slowly twirled around my cock, saliva covering it. She took it out, and played with her hands shortly. I saw that the head was glistening with saliva.

She then took my dick in full. Slowly she started licking from my balls to the head of my cock with one big slurp. She fondled my loose sack with her left hand and gripped the base of my dick with her right, as my hard dick moved in and out of her mouth. The head of my cock slid against the roof of her mouth and throat. Her tits jiggled and she moved her head around my cock. ulus escort This was heaven. Her blonde hair rested in between my legs, tickling my balls.

“Oh my god! Ahhh, this feels so fucking good, Emily!” I exclaimed in pure ecstasy. She removed my dick from her mouth with one final slurp. She looked into my eyes and stood up.

“It’s your turn now, mister.” She said, kissing me. She removed her boots, got up on top of my desk on all fours, spreading her legs. Entranced, staring at the best looking ass I had ever seen, I removed her black g string slowly. As I took it off I spread her cheeks, moaning in awe at her pink ass hole and her bald pussy. I put my finger between her cheeks and invaded her ass hole. She gasped for a second, and then loosened up. She was incredibly tight.

I toyed with her ass for a minute, reaching over to her mouth so that she could taste herself. She moaned enthusiastically as she licked my finger. I put my face between her cheeks and ate her. She tasted wonderful. Her smooth ass hole and pussy were wet beyond compare. I felt like I was licking for hours. I reached over the basin and grabbed a paintbrush. I licked the handle end before slowly inserting it into her pussy. She finally reached climax, her muscles having spasms like crazy.

She lay down on her back, her chest heaving as I continued to treat her pussy slowly. After she had slowed her breathing, she looked at me lovingly.

“You’ve been so good. But I want you to fuck me. I need it.” She said hungrily.

“I think I can arrange that.” I said softly, taking my hand and rubbing her pussy.

Emily leaned forward and kissed my neck passionately, her soft breasts resting against my torso. She grabbed me by the hand and led me towards the door. I watched her ass move from side to side as she walked. Her heart shaped cheeks wobbled slightly as I stared at them. If there was ever a time where I loved a girl’s ass, it was then. We stepped outside together into the deserted school grounds. The gardeners had finished up, nobody was there, and nobody could see us. The warm sunlight and cool breeze felt amazing on my hard erected cock. Emily’s hair lit up in the sunshine, as she lead me through the grounds.

I slapped her ass as we walked fully nude, fingering her pink peach. She moaned ever increasingly as we went. Finally we arrived at the football field. She led me towards the small grassy hill near the stands, in the shade, as her tits bounced. She sat down on the hill, and started applying saliva to her pussy, taking pleasure in her own fingers. She then crawled towards me and sucked my cock briefly, just to get me wet enough to make me slippery. She then lay on her back and opened her legs. I didn’t need to be told twice. I got down on all fours in front of her, and rubbed my dick on the lips of her vagina, teasing her. She moaned affectionately, giggling as I teased her, while the stray sun-rays bounced off my back through the cover of the leaves. At last, I slowly inserted my cock into her.

We both groaned as I invaded her. She was so wet and warm, as I had been told girls were like. It felt amazing. Once I was in, I slowly started rocking my dick in and out of her. She breathed in sharply as I met her end, moaning as loud as possible. We changed positions from doggy-style to cowgirl. She repeated my name over and over, moaning louder and louder. My ball sack slapped against her ass cheeks. Her soft wet pussy engulfed my hard cock. I watched her ass bounce up and down as she fucked me. I’d been holding it in all day, and I wasn’t going to hold it in any longer. We fucked and fucked until I had reached my limit.

A surge of pleasure beat through my cock as I came. My hot, thick load oozing inside her. My cock pulsed as I moaned in awe at the heightened senses around the tip of my hard member. It was the best orgasm I ever had. I slowed down, slowly rocking against her groin until every last strand of cum was gone and I eventually pulled out, and we lay there panting. She lent over and kissed me.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had.” She said appreciatively, her soft boobs resting against my chest. I laid there on the grass rubbing her ass, looking into her blue eyes.

We got up and slowly walked back to the art room, embracing each other and enjoying the sunlight and wind on our nude bodies. She looked into my eyes as my hand rested on her waist. We made our way back into the room, and still naked, cleaned up our art gear. Our day certainly hadn’t been very productive, but at least it was enjoyable. I watched as she dressed, and even became half erected as she pulled her black g string up between her soft white ass cheeks, resting the black material against her pink clit. Once clothed she grabbed her bag, and headed towards me. I was still in the nude.

She looked down at my crotch again and smiled mischievously. “Hold that thought, we’ll get naughty again next time. Since we’ll be graduated, we should have a lot of opportunity during the Summer”

“I look forward to it.” I replied, leaning forward and kissing her. Our lips met briefly, and then she left.

This was going to be a good Summer.

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