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I noticed you immediately as you walked confidently into the bar. Mine wasn’t the only head that turned to admire how wonderfully sexy you looked in a tight denim miniskirt and a slinky black sequined top that clung to your full breasts. I could only imagine what kind of exquisite bra must be caressing your beautiful mounds. I knew it had to be a daring one because I could tell you had dressed yourself tonight to attract these kinds of admiring looks . . . and perhaps more.

I didn’t have to imagine about your panties. You were clearly not wearing any, because even the tiniest thong would have betrayed a line of some kind beneath the tight denim. I wondered if you were already a bit damp just from the looks you were receiving from me and the other patrons of the club, both men and women. I was certain that you were, because it was clear that you received great pleasure from putting yourself on display.

You looked briefly around the crowded room, then moved toward the empty stool next to mine at the bar. There were a few other spots available, but I hoped you chose that particular stool because you wondered where things might go later in the evening. That’s what I was wondering, too.

As you lifted yourself gracefully onto the stool, I watched as you crossed your legs, causing your skirt to ride well up and reveal the soft, smooth skin of your upper thighs. You smiled at me, knowing I was watching, and I smiled back, knowing you enjoyed it immensely.

We shared a drink and then another and the talk was easy between us. You even confirmed my suspicion about your panties when you slowly uncrossed, then crossed your legs once again. I made no pretense of being discreet and looked directly between your legs. I knew by this point that you wanted me to see you just as much as I wanted it.

As we talked, I leaned closer and began to tease with light little touches to your arm, your neck, then finally your cheek. I moved my face close to yours and whispered softly as I brushed your dark brown hair away from your face. But you didn’t wait for me to make the next move. Suddenly, your lips were against mine, soft and moist and urgent. You pressed your tongue between my lips and explored my mouth, as you moved your hand along the inside of my thigh.

Our tongues began to dance and I felt your warm breath in my mouth. I knew then that we were going to go way beyond kissing. But before I could suggest that we go somewhere more comfortable, you took me by the hand and we both slid down from our barstools. I walked slightly behind, holding your bursa evi olan escort hand and admiring the way the tight denim caressed your round bottom, the way your long hair cascaded down past your shoulders. Before I knew it we had exited the bar and you were leading me into a nearby alleyway. Naturally, I followed very willingly. In just a few moments, we had retreated into the far corner, where the darkness hid us from passersby on the nearby sidewalk.

Just as we stopped, I pulled my hand from your grasp and placed one hand on each shoulder and began to rub and massage sensuously. I heard you sigh and felt your body relax as your head fell backward. I moved close behind and felt your warmth as I molded myself to you. My warm breath caressed your neck and I pressed the first stirrings of my erection against your bottom.

I kissed your neck, then your ear lightly and nibbled on your ear lobe as I continued gently massaging your shoulders. Occasionally, I’d allow my hands to drift down your arms, tickling lightly as I went, then it was back up to your shoulders. With each trip, my hands circled just a little closer toward the front until I barely brushed the outsides of your breasts.

I moved slowly, reading your body language, listening to your soft moans and sighs, always ready to take you to that next level of arousal without pushing too far, too fast.

Then my lips were on your cheek, and as you turned your head a little, I found your mouth again and we picked up where we had left off in the bar—with our tongues dueling sensuously. My erect cock settled in between the cheeks of your bottom and I could hear your breath quicken. I could only imagine what must be happening between your legs, and I intended to find out. But slowly . . . very slowly.

We kissed like that for a very long time as our desire continued to build. I think I may have surprised you a little when I finally slid my hands underneath your arms and reached around to cup both your breasts. Needless to say, your nipples were hard as rocks by then, and I pinched each one a little bit through your top and bra, even as I continued to massage your full globes in my palms.

“My god,” I whispered, my mouth very close to your ear, “Your breasts are absolutely wonderful.” I hoped you could tell by the way I caressed them that I really loved them!

I slid my hands down the front of your sequined top, then back underneath until they were caressing you through the lacy fabric of your sexy bra. It felt like a demi-cup because your nipples altıparmak escort were barely covered. I thrust my tongue deep inside your mouth and deftly raised the bra over your breasts until I could hold those soft round globes in my warm hands. I lifted them gently with my palms and lightly caressed the sensitive undersides.

I heard you let out a long sigh as you extended your arms to brace yourself against the cool brick wall. I recognized it as a sign of complete surrender.

I slid one hand from your breast and let it drift downward to the hem of your skirt, then underneath the denim. The smooth skin covering your mound was incredibly hot and your tender lips were simply dripping the arousal that had been building ever since you sat next to me in the bar. I rolled your nipple between my thumb and finger and slipped two fingers of my other hand just inside your wet lips, moving them up and down, slowly and dragging your nectar upward to moisten your swollen clit. I slid one finger on either side of your tender little pearl, moving them up and then back down to provide that indirect stimulation that allows the arousal to just keep building and building.

And build it did, as I continued the caresses, the pinches, the stroking of the most sensitive parts of your body. Your legs seemed to buckle a bit from the arousal, and I held you up with one hand as the other lifted the back of your skirt to expose your bare ass.

It was a beautifully erotic scene with you leaning up against a brick wall in that dark alley, your breasts released from your bra and your denim skirt bunched around your waist. It was so lewd and wanton, the only thing that could have made it better would have been someone there to watch us.

Never removing my hand from between your legs, I reached down with the other and unfastened my belt and my trousers with one smooth motion. Next came my boxers and soon it was skin on skin, as I slid my rigid cock urgently between your thighs until the swollen head parked itself just a moment at your waiting entrance. I could tell you were well past teasing and playing as you pressed your hips backward to draw me inside.

Your arousal was so complete that your wet folds just swallowed me up and molded around me. The contrast between your inner heat and the cool night air was amazing. I felt your muscles tensed around me, drawing me deeper inside your wonderfully tight tunnel. I pulled myself tight to you and began thrusting slowly and deliberately, pulling almost all the way out, then sliding deep inside until my pubic hair tickled the sensitive skin of your ass. Over and over I moved, in and out, in and out, building the speed just a little bit with each thrust.

I moved one hand back to your breast and began pinching your nipple again firmly. The other hand slid once again over your mound and to locate your swollen clit. But I was too late. You had already moved one hand down there as you used the other to brace yourself against the wall. I rested my hand lightly over yours and felt you furiously rubbing your clit, even as I continued my slow deep thrusts.

Your breath was coming faster at that point, and so was mine, as we both climbed closer and closer to the peak. The harder I pumped, the harder you thrust your hips backward to meet me, to urge me on. Suddenly, I heard you cry out and at almost the same time felt your pussy spasm and grip my cock tightly. I was able to make one final deep thrust to bury myself inside as one, then two, then three spurts of hot semen painted the inside of your throbbing tunnel.

Your pussy continued to milk me for what felt like several minutes until I had nothing left. But I could tell one orgasm was not nearly enough for you, so I turned you around and shoved your back against the brick wall. I dropped to my knees and thrust my mouth to your dripping sex and began to lap and lick at your puffy lips and taste the mixture of our juices as the hot creamy liquid flowed from you.

Your hands went to the back of my head and pulled me tighter, urging me on, demanding more. My tongue found your swollen clit and I took it firmly between my lips and began to suck. You cried out at this intense sensation and your head rolled side to side against the wall. One leg draped over my shoulder to open yourself wider to my attention and I shoved two fingers deep into your wet sex and curled them to find your G spot.

I heard you cry out again as the next orgasm overtook you. I continued to press and massage your spot and suckle on your clit until you finally shoved me away, unable to take the intensity of the sensations any longer.

Given our surroundings, we didn’t have long to savor the afterglow of this incredible experience. But I did give you one last deep kiss to allow you the delicious taste of your own nectar, mixed with my cum, which I had so enjoyed sampling only moments before. We straightened our rumpled clothing before we made our way back our respective cars in the parking lot of the club.

I opened your door and leaned in to kiss you one more time before you started your car and drove slowly away. I knew we’d probably never see each other again. And I also knew that I would probably never have another experience quite like this one.

But there was one thing I didn’t know . . . your name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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