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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 29 – Frosting

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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The website for Grizzly Valley covers the town, the people and places. Bruce”s Dojo, Tech Tribe, Liams Automotive, Grizzly Baptist Church, Laundromat, Mac”s Diner and more. You”ll see Mark, Jamie, Bruce, Liam, Taylor, Sebastian, Andrew, Ethan and the rest of the town.
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Sorry for the delay with the story. Between life and a shift in my writing, I ended up behind. I had a few requests to make the stories longer, but unfortunately, that has thrown off my style since the story has been written out for some time. I”ll go back to the shorter chapters until this book is completed and we move on to book two.

Chapter 29 – Will Zach cum between us?

Andrew has had his share of oral sex, but when Ethan went down on him, he thought he was going to explode right then and there. Ethan had said he was inexperienced at sex, but wow, he seemed to know his way around a cock. He made love to Andrew”s cock as he kept searching for more frosting.

As he bobbed up and down on Andrew”s cock he had a way of swirling his tongue that just hit the right spots. Andrew was getting close, but somehow Ethan knew when to back down. He was good. This went on for a good 30 to 40 minutes. Andrew didn”t want to cum yet, so he pulled away.

Andrew didn”t let him speak. He moved up and started kissing him. Their tongues clashed, and they were really having fun. Andrew reached around to find Ethan”s cock throbbing and hot as can be. He was able to find the tube of frosting and squeezed some out on Ethan”s cock. Andrew backed off of kissing him and said, “Oops, I guess I have to clean that up for you” and went down on him to show him the skills he had honed over the time he was on the street.

From the moans of pleasure coming from him, it was clear Andrew was doing just fine. Andrew backed off when he felt him tense up and focused on his balls for a bit before going back down on his cock. Ethan unleashed rope after rope of delicious seed down Andrew”s throat. Andrew has been with some heavy cummers, but this was amazing. It tasted so good and there was so much of it. How could he be so lucky.

Ethan finally stopped bucking and was panting heavily. He was trying to say something, but he couldn”t. He laid there for a bit before he finally looked at Andrew and pulled him in for a kiss. “That was amazing, the most amazing ever.” He said. I want to finish you off. I want to show you how much I love you back.”

He pushed Andrew back and gave Andrew the most amazing blow job of his entire life. Andrew felt the world leave his body as his orgasm nearly made him pass out. He felt the first 4 blasts before his vision went dark.

When Andrew regained his sight, he was looking deep into Ethan”s green eyes. Ethan was kissing him very ankara escort gently. “I think I need more mouth to-mouth, mister fireman” Andrew sighed and put his arms over Ethan”s neck.

They fell asleep like that. They were side by side when they woke up. Andrew”s arms were still around Ethan”s neck. Andrew kissed him gently and then blew a raspberry on his lips. Ethan”s eyes startled open, and he started laughing.

He gave Andrew a quick peck on the end of his nose and moved back. “You know, I didn”t think the age difference would work, but you keep me on my toes. Now we just need to figure out how to pull this off without me going to jail and keeping us apart. I love you Andrew with my entire being and soul.”

“Ethan I know and we will make it work. Will you make love to me again?”

“What do you mean again?” His face had a confused, contorted look. Ethan was new at this relationship stuff.

“You made love to me when we laid and kissed the other night. Last night, you made love to me before we fell asleep. Now, I want you to make love to me and breed me deep inside. I want to be yours.”

“Of course!” Ethan pushed Andrew over on his back. He lifted his legs up over his head and then he dove in with his face to rim his boy. As soon as his tongue touched Andrew”s rosebud, Andrew screamed and started sobbing. Ethan dropped the boy”s legs and came up to hug him tight. “What”s wrong, sweetheart? What did I do?”

“Nothing, it”s nothing.” Andrew kept sobbing. Ethan held him for the longest time while he cried. “It”s just the night that everything happened. I was rimming Ricky before things went wrong. It just reminded me of Ricky and that night and all. I”m sorry Ethan, I”m sorry.”

He said, “It”s okay, it”s fine babe,” and he hugged Andrew and held him until he calmed down. “Tonight, we will make love, but for now, let”s get up and go see Ricky. I”m sure he would like some company.”

When they got to the facility where Ricky was, they were surprised to see that he was sitting up and not connected to a million monitors and wires. He was laughing and talking to a woman who was sitting next to him. They got closer and he saw them and smiled, “Guys, meet my mom!” he shouted. Introductions were made, and Andrew went over to hug Ricky, and then decided to hug Ricky”s mom. “If Ricky hadn”t taken care of me, I probably would be dead.” Andrew told Ricky”s mom. “He really looked out for me and made sure I didn”t get hurt. I”m sorry I couldn”t stop those men from hurting him.”

She looked at Andrew and held his arms and said, “From what Ricky told me, you were the one to save him. If you hadn”t been with him, he would have probably been tossed in a dumpster.” Tears started rolling down her cheeks. “Without you guiding the fireman to him, he would have died in that fire. Thank you Andrew, you are the hero here.”

“No ma”am, I”m not the hero. I owe my life to Ricky and this man here.” Andrew hugged Ethan. “What we had to do on the streets wasn”t something we are proud of, but we did what we could to survive. I was so dumb and would have been hurt or killed if it wasn”t for Ricky. He made sure my jobs were safe when he didn”t have to. He probably gave me the safe ones and took the more dangerous ones to protect me. He shared his shelter with me. He”s my friend for life.”

“And you, young man, are welcome in our home anytime. I hope the two of you remain friends forever. You went through such a journey together.” She went on to ask Ethan for escort ankara his contact information so they could stay in touch and informed them that Ricky was going to go home with her in a few days. “I”d like to thank the firefighter that carried Ricky out too, if you could help arrange that Ethan.”

“Of course, I”m sure he would be happy to see Ricky. We rarely get to have a follow up on our rescues.”

While Ethan and Ricky”s mom were talking, Andrew was chatting with Ricky. They were somewhat whispering, so the adults couldn”t hear them. “Andy, thank you for saving me. At first, I wished you had left me to die, but now that my mom is here and I know she loves me and feels bad about what happened, I”m glad I have this chance. I just hope I will be able to feel normal again.”

“Dude, you will. I”m already in school, people think Ethan is my uncle and nobody is treating me differently. In fact, I have one friend that I confided in, not everything, but some of it and he”s still my friend and wants to learn some sex stuff from me.”

“Are you like, boyfriends?” Ricky asked.

“No, Ethan is my true love. I never thought that I”d trust an adult, but Ethan has been there for me, supported me, and never asked for any sexual favors. I had to work on him and break down those walls so he knew it wasn”t me trying to pay him back. We”re slowly making progress, but he”s my lover and I”m so in love with him.”

“I see it. The way you two act and look at each other. Be careful, dude, but I”m so happy for you. I hope I can find a girl and be happy and raise a family. I really want to be back to normal. I”m not sure how I explain things, but thankfully my mom moved to a different town, so I can just be the new kid in town with a single mom.” Ricky was smiling.

“You need to come up with a story that has some truth in it, so that if things slip, you can recover, but you don”t ever need to tell anyone except your lifetime lover what really happened, and even then, they don”t need all the details.” Andrew continued, “But remember, you may have flashbacks and they can cause issues, so be prepared. I finally convinced Ethan to make love to me the way I wanted him to, and something triggered me, and I broke down and cried. It was so embarrassing, but thankfully, Ethan understood. In fact, the reason we are here is because of my breakdown. He thought it would be good to see you since what he was doing triggered memories back to the night when we were rescued from the building. And don”t worry, Ricky, you”re a very hot guy and some girls would be lucky to have you as their partner. I really had fun with you between jobs.”

“Thanks Andy. I really did enjoy the intimate times we spent together. I think I”m straight or maybe bi, but I do care about you and did enjoy our fun. I know part of it was just to make each other feel good, but I wanted to do it with you. I hope you wanted to do it with me too.”

“I did enjoy it, Ricky. It made me feel like I wasn”t just being used by those men. Being with you made being a rent boy tolerable.”

“Okay boys, I hate to break things up, but we need to go and let Ricky finish up with the doctors so he will be able to go home. Say your goodbyes and we will have to visit when he gets back home.” Ethan said.

Andrew hugged Ricky and gave him a kiss on the lips. His mom smiled at them. I”m sure she didn”t know what to think. The boys have gone through so much together.

“See you guys soon,” his mother said as they left ankara escort bayan the facility.

As they got to the car, Andrew hugged Ethan. “Thanks! You knew just what I needed. Can we go home and continue where we left off?”

“Not so fast, lover; we need to help my dad for a bit. The shelter got a donation and the people can”t transport it, so I thought we could go get it for him.”

They drove for about 45 minutes until they arrived at a warehouse. The guy at the dock waved them to back up, and then he loaded a bunch of boxes into the truck. “Thanks for picking these up. Our trucks were fully booked and then one broke down, so we couldn”t get to them today. Tell your dad I”m really sorry and that next time we will make sure we can get them there.” The guy said to Ethan.

“No worries, I can come get things anytime, I even have a helper to unload them.” He said to the guy as they got in and drove over to the shelter.

At the shelter, they quickly unloaded the boxes. They were full of all kinds of things these kids would need. Backpacks, socks, underwear, shirts, shorts, toys, cases of candies, and protein bars. Mr. Thomas would offer the kids he helped these items. The snacks were readily available in the kitchen area of the great room. There were a lot of kids there today.

Mr. Thomas came over to thank Andrew for helping. Andrew asked if he could talk to him privately for a bit. Mr. Thomas looked surprised, but they went to his office. Ethan was teaching the kids how to play the games better. He seemed to be good at everything, pool, ping pong, and even foosball.

“Mr. Thomas, I”m sorry I was a jerk when we first met. I know you just want to help, and I”d like to help too. Maybe I can give you the perspective of the runaway kid to help you understand them better. I was on the street, and I know you have interviewed hundreds of kids and you”ve got tons of research, but sometimes just having someone that”s been there can help you understand a person.”

“Andrew, that”s quite an offer. What are you thinking?”

“Well, remember the day you had me talk to the kids that were being trafficked? I was able to get information that they wouldn”t give you. Maybe if you have someone that won”t talk to you, you can bring me in to talk to them. Not as a worker here, but as someone that you helped. You made Ethan, and he saved me in more ways than one. I need to pay it forward.”

“That would be a great idea. I”m glad you think that the foundation saved you, but I”m afraid that”s all Ethan.”

“No sir, that”s the foundation. Ethan told me about his brother and how you handled it. He saw what you did here, and that”s what he did with me. I was the luckiest boy around when he took me in. I wouldn”t have told you the things I”ve shared with Ethan if I was brought here. I know we can”t have an Ethan for every boy and girl you need to help, but maybe I can help open the door or break down the wall so that you can help them like Ethan did for me. Ethan just used the tools he saw you use on others with me, one on one.”

“I take it things are going well with Ethan?”

“Yes, and that”s what I wanted to talk to you about too. I love Ethan.”

End of Andrew”s Misplaced Trust – Chapter 29 – Andrew Thomas Published stories

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