Amanda Takes the Plunge Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: This is the third and final installment of a series of stories about a college student named Amanda who gets some sexual therapy from her local doctors to help her improve her relationship with her boyfriend, Ben. The characters and story details will make more sense if you begin with the first two stories in the series.


A week had gone by since Amanda had spent an enlightening evening in the backyard paradise at the home of Rick and Kim. It had been a pivotal experience for Amanda, and she was proud that she allowed herself to overcome some of the personal limitations that had previously hampered her own happiness and her ability to please her boyfriend. Today, she was returning to Rick and Kim’s home, but this time she brought Ben with him. She knew that he would wonder why they were coming here, so she had told him that their hosts wanted to work out some details for another party that the doctors wanted to host to celebrate their anniversary.

“Hello Ben. Hi Amanda,” Rick yelled out when he saw their car pull up in the driveway. “Just go around back and make yourself at home by the pool. I’ll be back there in a minute.”

“Thanks!” Ben yelled back and then turned to Amanda who was just getting out of the car. “Were we supposed to bring something?”

“They said they would have some snacks for us. Kim told me to just come as we are—no need for us to bring anything.”

The sight of the immense private back yard and the large pool brought back pleasant memories for Ben. He was still pinching himself to be sure that the nude swim party here a couple of weeks ago had really happened. He loved skinny dipping, and he was openly envious of the privacy that Kim and Rick enjoyed that allowed them to swim and relax in their pool and yard without clothes. The fact that he had stripped down to swim nude at the party did not surprise him in the least, but he was still amazed by the fact that nearly every one of the guys and girls at the party had gotten naked as well. Everyone except Amanda, and he was still disappointed that his girlfriend had not joined in the fun.

They had just sat down on the padded lawn chairs that were arranged in a circle near the pool when they heard the patio door slide open and saw their hosts walking toward them carrying a pitcher of lemonade and some chips. The sun had just set and the patio was lit with some low voltage lights around the perimeter. When they were all seated, Kim looked at Ben and spoke first.

“I think that Amanda has been a little less than honest with you Ben, ” Kim said with a smile on her face.

“She’s a pretty bad liar,” Ben said with a puzzled look on his face. “But why would she feel the need to lie to me now? What’s going on here?”

“She and I thought that it would be a good idea to invite you back to our house, Ben, but not to talk about another party as I think she told you. The whole idea grew out of a short conversation we had at this table while you and the others were swimming here a couple of weeks ago. Am I correct, Amanda?”

“That’s right. After I wimped out when everyone else was swimming, Kim and I talked about a lot of things.”

“What kind of things?” Ben asked.

“We talked about school and our plans for the summer and things like that,” Amanda replied nervously. “But mostly we talked about sex.”

“Sex?” Ben responded quickly. “Just in general or us specifically?”

“Some of each,” Kim said. “The more we talked, the clearer it was to me that Amanda is feeling guilty that she is not able to be more physical with you or do some of the things that you would like her to do.”

“I can’t believe you talked about this to her,” Ben spoke in an exasperated voice as he look over at Amanda. “I thought our conversations were private.”

“I wasn’t planning to…” Amanda started to reply when Kim stepped in to explain.

“Please, Ben. Don’t be angry with Amanda,” Kim offered. “If you knew how bad she felt when she could not find the courage to go swimming with you and your friends, you might better understand why she felt the need to open up with me.”

“So is that why we are here tonight?” Ben asked. “To talk about what Amanda and I are doing—or not doing?”

“If you want to talk,” Amanda spoke up, “I am pretty sure that Kim and Rick could help us—or at least help me. I am the one who is having problems. But that’s not why I wanted to come here with you.”

“So what do you want to do?” Ben asked.

“I want to try again,” Amanda said quietly.

“Try again? What do you mean?”

“I could see the hurt in your eyes when I told you that I wasn’t going to swim with you at the party. I sat here for a while trying to work up the nerve to do it, but I just couldn’t.” Amanda answered with tears in her eyes. “The thought of being completely naked with all of my friends looking at me was too much to handle.”

“Don’t cry, Babe.” Ben said as he wiped some tears from her cheeks. “I am touched that you were even thinking about doing it. Besides, it would not have been any fun for seyranbağları escort me if I knew you were miserable.”

“So that’s why we are here,” Amanda continued. “Kim and Rick thought it might be easier for me to try again if I did it when none of our friends were around to look at me.” She paused for a moment to watch Ben’s reaction to her words. “Would you go swimming with me tonight?”

“I would love to, but I don’t think Kim and Rick have changed the dress code for their pool.”

“Then I guess I will have to be like the others and do it in my birthday suit,” she relied with a nervous smile. “If that is okay with you.”

Ben had been caught off guard by Amanda’s proposal and he went silent as he reached over to give his girlfriend a big hug. He wasn’t sure if she was being serious with him, so he whispered in her ear, “Are you sure?” She looked up at him and simply nodded to let him know that she was ready.

“You kids will want to be alone for a while,” Kim said with a smile as she and Rick stood up. “Tell you what. You two take your time getting comfortable with each other. We will come out and join you later.” They gathered up the plates and glasses and headed back to the house.

As soon as Rick and Kim had closed the patio door and he was sure that they were alone, Ben reached out his hand and helped Amanda to her feet. His heart was pounding as he tried to visualize what was about to transpire, and he wondered what was going through Amanda’s mind. He enveloped her in his arms and gave her a loving embrace.

“I love you, Amanda,” he whispered in her ear as he kissed her on the neck. “Are you sure about this?”

Instead of answering, she kicked off her sneakers and then reached for the bottom hem of his t-shirt and began to pull it over his head. After she had removed the shirt and tossed it on the pool deck, she buried her face in the hairs on Ben’s powerful chest and nodded. He pushed away just far enough so that he could look into her eyes so that he could be sure that she was a willing partner in this adventure. Convinced that she was prepared, he guided her arms upward and pulled her top over her head. He smiled when he saw that Amanda had chosen to wear her sexy bikini top under her shirt because they often joked how many times he had tried to convince her to let him untie the strings so that he could see her breasts. Tonight she would not put up a protest, and he gently untied the knots and pulled the fabric away from her chest.

“Oh my god, Babe,” he whispered, “they are even more beautiful than I imagined.”

Amanda felt flushed as Ben gently traced the contours of her breasts with his fingers, She was already getting aroused and she could see that her sensitive nipples were starting to protrude. Her legs began to feel a little shaky when he started to kiss her breasts.

“Even though I said ‘no’ to you so many times, I have dreamed of this day for months,” Amanda said. “I always worried because I never knew if you would think my breasts were pretty. You have dated so many beautiful girls before me and I am sure they let you see them naked. The girls at the party last week all looked pretty amazing as they pranced around in their birthday suits all afternoon.”

“I have seen some girls naked,” Ben admitted, “but none of them were as beautiful as you. Not even Jenni or Kate or any of the other girls at the party.”

Amanda pressed her chest against Ben’s and luxuriated in the warmth of his skin. After a few moments, she stepped back and traced her finger down his abdomen until it reached his belt and the top of his jeans. She had first planned for the two of them to get undressed as quickly as possible, but now she was taking some delight in teasing her partner with a slow hand. Eventually she undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Slowly, she eased the zipper down until it would go no further, and then she worked the pants over his hips and down his legs. She had to kneel to pull off his sneakers and socks, and then with Ben’s help, she yanked them off completely and left them lying on the ground with his other clothes. Her eyes opened a little wider when she detected the bulge in his boxers as she stood back up.

“It does look like you are happy to see me,” she smiled as she gave him another peck on the cheek.

“My turn now,” Ben replied as he lovingly fondled her ass cheeks and then slid her shorts down her legs. “Ah…the bikini bottoms as well. A wonderful choice since you know how many times I have tried to untie these strings as well when we were alone at the beach.”

“That’s why I wore them,” Amanda said with a devilish smile. “Now you have your chance, but it’s my turn first. I see something twitching under your boxers that I think needs to be set free.”

Ben expected that she would simply reach over and strip off his boxers without ceremony, but instead, Amanda dropped to her knees and began to slide her hands up his legs and under the thin fabric. With each stroke, her hands drew nearer to his penis sincan escort which by now was throbbing and struggling to be released. She traced the shape of the enlarged organ with her fingers, and slid her fingers into the fly just far enough so that she could feel the soft skin of the shaft. Ben’s face was tight with anticipation and she knew that it would be cruel to prolong her teasing any longer. She placed her lips on the fabric that was now stretched tightly over his cock and then mercifully pulled the boxers down to set the throbbing member free.

She surprised Ben by quickly kissing the tip of his penis before she stood up. “Every time I see it, I am amazed by how big it gets when you get hard. I am glad that you didn’t get excited like this at the party when you were showing it off to half the girls in school.”

“Yeah, like they would have noticed anyway,” Ben replied. “They had plenty of other good looking guys to stare at if they were interested.”

“But not one as big and beautiful as this one. Believe me, I was watching, and every girl in the pool had her eyes glued to you every time you got out of the water or posed on the diving board.”

Ben could only smile and revel in the luxury that he always felt when he was nude. He hugged Amanda again and began to slide his hands under the fabric of her bikini bottom. Like his girlfriend, he choose to drop to his knees so that he could have a closer look at her body when he removed her final piece of clothing. He untied the strings on both sides of her bikini bottom and let the tiny piece of fabric fall to the ground.

He already knew that Amanda’s thighs were flawless and smooth beyond compare, but he was blown away by the beauty of the private regions that she had never let him see until this moment. The lips of her vagina were creamy white and the dark hair above was neatly trimmed and soft. He wasn’t sure how bold he could be at first, but he cupped her upper thighs with his hands and pressed his lips to her sweet void until he could hear her sigh with pleasure.

Amanda wanted to hurry over to the shower, but Ben asked her to stop for a moment so that he could look at her and admire her beauty. She instinctively tried to cover herself out of embarrassment, but Ben took her arms and gently pulled them back to her sides. He stepped back again and as he gazed lovingly at his beautiful girlfriend who had finally agreed to let him see her without her clothes, he wondered if he had ever been happier in his life.

When Amanda tugged at his arm again to move to the shower, he let her lead the way. Soon they were both standing under the warm spray and playfully groping each other with their soapy hands. Ben quickly discovered how wonderful it felt to reach around and caress her soft breasts and let his fingers tickle her sensitive nipples. Amanda quickly discovered that she was having a happy effect on her guy as she felt his ever stiffening penis press harder against her warm backside and begin to work itself deeper into the crack of her soap covered ass. She shifted her weight slightly to let his tool penetrate a little deeper, and at the same time, she took one of his hands off her breast and guided it lower past her navel, over her soft pubic hair, and down to that inviting place between her legs. She helped him to find the spot that gave her the most pleasure, and for the next few minutes, they said very little as he rocked behind her in the shower and slid his now erect penis between her legs as he stimulated her clit with his finger.

Their soapy explorations were interrupted when the heard the patio door slide open and saw Rick and Kim stepping out onto the patio deck carrying towels and some large candles. When they flipped off the deck lights, the pool area was bathed in the soft blue glow of the underwater lights and the flicker of the candle flames. The made their way over to the shower enclosure, and as they took their place under the other shower head, Kim smiled as she noticed Ben’s still excited state.

“I see you two have started without us,” Kim remarked cheerfully. “Are you enjoying yourselves?”

” I guess it’s pretty obvious that I am enjoying the moment,” Ben said sheepishly as he looked down at his still stiff member. As he spoke, he admired Kim’s nude body as Rick began to wash her back.

“It’s perfectly normal,” Kim reassured him. “I am so pleased that you and Amanda are joining us tonight. She stepped over to give Amanda a soapy hug.

“Thank you so much for doing this,” Amanda whispered in her ear. “I can see that Ben is very happy. I don’t know how to thank you and Rick for all the help you have given me.”

“Just enjoy the evening,” Kim whispered back. “Relax and go where your emotions take you as you share your body and learn to love your guy.”

The two couples finished their showers and were soon luxuriating in the warm pool water. Ben helped Amanda to slide onto an air mattress that had been lying near the edge of the pool, and he made sure that she was face up so that he sıhhiye escort could continue to gaze at her naked body that was glistening with water. Later, they dispensed with the mattress as Ben leaned her back, slid his hands under her back, and eased her into a floating position as he supported her in the water. Her breasts bobbed just above the water level, and when he lifted her backside a bit higher, he could study every wonderful detail of her enticing pussy now just inches from his face.

Eventually, the two couples made their way to the shallow end so that they could talk as they enjoyed some drinks that Kim had set on the edge of the pool.

“You two are so lucky to have this private pool,” Ben said. “I love the feeling of the warm water flowing over my nude body. It’s pretty easy to see why so many people prefer nude beaches and clothing-optional resorts.

“That’s precisely why we have opened it up to the people in town like we have,” Rick answered. “We think it is the only way to swim. The people here have been very kind to us, and we feel that that this is a way to give something back to them.”

“We also love it since it gives us a chance to do things like this—bring two lovers like you and Amanda together in such a natural way.”

The four of them talked and joked as they soaked in the warm water for a while longer, but then Kim whispered something in Amanda’s ear and then took Rick’s hand and quietly edged away. Soon they were locked in a lover’s clinch and rubbing their bodies against each other. Amanda pulled close to Ben at the same time and wrapped her arms around him as she moved up to give him a big kiss.

” I have a special surprise for you,” she said quietly.

“This is already the best surprise you could every give me,” Ben answered. “I don’t have to tell you how long I have dreamed about seeing you like this.”

“I’m sorry I made you wait so long. Now I see how stupid I was for not doing this sooner.

“It was worth the wait,” Ben said. “You have made me so happy.”

“I think you can make you even happier,” she replied with a devilish grin, “unless you can’t take any more happiness for one night.”

“I am not sure what you are talking about,” he said, “unless you are planning to drive out to the dunes and do it on the beach.”

“I’m talking about right here. Right now,” she answered. “That special thing that you have begged me to do for about a year.”

“Oh Baby, you are so sweet, but we can’t do that here.”

“Why not? They’re doing it.” Ben had been so caught up in the discussion he was having with his girlfriend to notice that Rick and Kim had moved to the shallow water at the other side of the pool. She was sitting on one of the steps and was kissing the tip of his penis as she gently massaged his balls with one hand. She teased him with her tongue for a few moments, and then opened her mouth to take him in. Slowly at first, and then faster and deeper. She kept the other hand at the base of his shaft as she worked her magic with her lips. Judging by Rick’s low moans and the smile on his face, Ben could see that she was quite good at what she was doing.

“Baby, you know I have dreamed about that since the first time I kissed you,” Ben whispered. “But I don’t want to force you to do something you don’t want to do. You have already given me so much tonight.”

“I have a confession to make,” she said nervously. “Please don’t be mad at me. I came here by myself last week and talked to Kim about us and about how guilty I felt that I couldn’t make you happy.”

“What are you talking about?” Ben asked incredulously. “Since I started going with you, I have never been happier in my life.”

“I mean physically happy. I am so afraid I will lose you if I am not able to do the things that you want me to do. I listen to the other girls talk about their boyfriends, so I know guys have needs.”

“I need you, no matter what we do physically,” Ben replied. “You are all I think about. All I care about.”

“Please let me finish,” Amanda continued as she hugged him again and then gave him another passionate kiss. “We actually did more than talk. Kim thought I needed to feel more confident about my own body. It was just the two of us here by the pool, and she talked me into taking off my clothes and swimming naked. ” I think she could tell that I was curious to try it when I watched you and all of our friends at the party.”

“So tonight wasn’t the first time? Man, I wish I have could have seen that.”

“I thought it was going to be just Kim and me, but then Rick came out to swim after I was already naked. They both helped me to relax and they told me that everyone is shy the first time. We all went swimming and Kim and I talked a lot.”

“And this is your big confession? Ben asked with a smile, still distracted by the sight of Kim pleasuring her husband not far from where he stood. “If that’s what it took to bring me here to swim like this, I am glad you did it.”

“But there’s more. I had told Kim that I felt guilty about not doing oral sex with you because I did not know how to do it., so she gave me a lesson. She did it to Rick while I was watching and she explained to me all of the things that guys like. It was just like tonight. He was breathing hard, making moaning noises, and pushing his penis back and forth between her lips.”

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