A Walk in the Woods with Gina

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As we walked through the woods chatting happily, I couldn’t help but notice Gina’s curvy waist and hips from my position two paces behind her. Gina isn’t a classic beauty, but she is a beauty nonetheless with her unusual facial structure, clear blue eyes, and very womanly body. Tall and wide-hipped, she has always intrigued me, and although she has been the object of my occasional fantasies, she has been a pal and a companion, but never a lover.

Gina’s long straight dark blond hair swayed with the rhythm of her gait, mesmerizing me as we cracked jokes and caught up on each others lives. She wore old sneakers, some military type shorts that hung on her hips and came down to her knees, and a blue knit cotton tank top that clung to her every curve and showed off her bare narrow waist where it flared to her hips. Even with this grungy look, she exuded femininity. From time to time she would turn around to say something and I could see her obviously braless breasts in profile, jiggling gently and pointing slightly upward.

“Lets take a break Jimmy, I’m roasting.” Gina plopped down on a grassy hill in the direct sun, glistening with sweat. It was at least 85 degrees and humid, the kind of day that made any clothing uncomfortable. I was wearing old cotton shorts and a t-shirt, and they were pretty much soaked, so I peeled off my t-shirt to feel the sun. I’m tall and lean and in pretty good shape, so when Gina said, “Wow, look at you,” I thought for a second that she was admiring my manly form. “You’re matted, dude!” I looked down and saw that my very hairy chest and belly were plastered flat with sweat. I burst out laughing and sat down in the grass.

“We Neanderthals bear an extra burden,” I said, as I sat.

“Huh,” said Gina, “your burden is nothing. We ladies have to shave relentlessly to wear summer clothes,” she giggled. “At least, we have to shave the parts that show.”

“Well,” I said, “it isn’t easy being a modern man and a Neanderthal, and we males might be trimming and shaving a little bit more than you realize, particularly the parts that don’t show.”

Gina snorted with laughter. “Right,” she said, “like you guys are concerned with your bikini line. It’s no big deal for a guy to be hairy, but a hairy girl is looked at like some sort of monster.”

Gina and I often talked about stuff that was pretty personal. It was like a flirtation, and we’d been doing it for years. Neither of us are married or anything, but it still felt forbidden and exciting. There was some sort of hazy gray line that we never crossed. I carried on. “It isn’t a visual rationale for shaving, it’s hygienic.”

Gina was blank for a couple of seconds. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“Look,” I said, “imagine a hairy penis and scrotum, a hairy ass crack, and a hot sweaty crotch covered up with sweat soaked fabric on a hot and sticky day like this. Need I say more?”

“Now that you put it that way I see your point. It sounds revolting. But I still don’t believe that you shave your crotch.”

My inner exhibitionist was detecting an nallıhan escort opportunity here. “Of course I shave it, and I’m offended that you don’t believe me,” I said with mock indignation. “Do you need to see proof?” I could feel an erection beginning.

“You definitely need proof to back up such an assertion,” said Gina, with playful skepticism and a charming tilt of her head. Something about her demeanor suddenly changed; her nipples were becoming visible through her cotton tank top. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she gazed at me with a searching look.

“Well, since you’re calling my bluff, I think it’s only fair that we make a deal. The only way that I can prove my point is to strip for you. Once I prove it, you have to strip too, unless you determine that I’ve lied about shaving.”

Gina frowned and thought for a minute. She looked a little nervous, but her nipples were stiffening by the second. Her response was simple. “OK Jimmy, strip and prepare for inspection.” She smiled warmly.

Now it was my turn to be nervous, but it was a good kind of nervous and very exciting. I took off my running shoes and stood up. Gina sat on the hill in front of me. I looked her squarely in the eye and unbuckled my shorts, slowly pulling the zipper all of the way down. The shorts fell to my ankles, leaving me standing in my gray sports briefs. My penis was already hard, and about to get much harder. Gina couldn’t hold my gaze. She looked down at my crotch, taking in the sight of my tightly stretched briefs. I hooked my thumbs under the waistband of my briefs and pulled them out and away from body. My erection stood up over the waistband. I pulled the briefs down, dropped them to my ankles, and stepped out of them, smiling. I could feel the heat of the sun on my stiff penis. I had trimmed and shaved just the day before, leaving only a small patch of hair on the pubic bone, like a girl sometimes leaves a landing strip. My balls were shaved clean, and so was everything between them and the top of my ass crack. Gina stared. She surprised me by leaning forward, and without saying word, reaching out to gently lift my penis with one hand and my scrotum with the other. Her touch was electrifying. She let go of my penis and gently fondled my balls, feeling the soft smoothness of the sensitive skin. “Wow, nice job shaving Jimmy. Now turn around and let me see if you completed the job.”

I turned around and Gina said, “You have a lot of nice soft hair on your butt Jimmy. You know, some girls are grossed out by hair, but I really like it on you. Bend forward a little so I can have a closer look.” I bent forward and squatted, spreading my legs wide and resting my forearms on my thighs, which exposed my asshole to Gina. “How did you shave this so clean Jimmy?” she asked. Before I could answer, I felt her soft fingers lightly caressing my dangling balls. I groaned involuntarily. “You like that huh? How about this?” A finger touched down just below my anus and slid slowly forward on my perineum. She increased the pressure as her finger necatibey escort slid to the base of my sack, massaging my prostate. I groaned again and my cock jumped. I looked down to see a huge drop of clear pre-cum at the tip. Gina knew she had milked me, so she let go of my balls and reached forward between my legs, touching the tip of my penis and transferring the pre-cum to her finger. She slid her now slippery finger down the underside of my cock while continuing to rub my prostate. The urgency of my straining cock was unspeakable. Just as I thought that I might start to orgasm, Gina let go. “I guess it’s my turn to strip,” she said.

I stood up and turned to face Gina as she rose from her crouch. My rigid and shiny pole waved around between us. Gina lazily pulled off her cotton shirt, dropping it in the grass and letting her arms fall to her sides. Her breasts jutted out at me, smooth and full with upturned rosy nipples and lighter areole. My fantasies were transforming into real life. She was magnificent, and we were both obviously turned on. Gina cupped her own breasts with both hands, catching her nipples between thumb and forefinger and pulling them outward. She closed her eyes for a moment and sighed deeply as she squeezed her own nipples. She kicked off her sneakers and unsnapped her shorts, which dropped easily from her wide hips. She stood in front me, her simple white cotton panties the only object of clothing between us. They were massively soaked with her excitement; I could actually see her fluids dripping from her sex in the gap between her fabulous thighs. She peeled off the panties, though they stuck to her crotch as if they were smeared with honey. She had a full bush of blond pubic hair and very prominent, hairless labia. Gina’s eyes were dreamy, but her breathing was heavy and she was slowly rotating her hips as she gazed at my erection. My very hard penis strained upward and appeared to have a heart of its own, as it pulsed and jumped along with my heartbeat.

“OK, arms up over your head,” I said. Gina lifted her arms and linked them on top of her head. Her breasts took on that fabulous shape that only this position can provide. Her armpits were shaven bare and perfect. I reached out and lightly ran my fingertip across her underarm, which was slick with sweat. She smiled as my finger traveled down the side of her breast and touched her nipple. Her hips continued to rotate slowly. I stepped back from her and considered my next move. “Turn around and bend at the waist,” I commanded. Gina turned, spread her bare feet apart, and bent over at the waist, exposing her ass. The pink and puckered bud of her asshole was completely hair free. It was moist and shiny. Her sex was so swollen that her inner and outer lips were completely visible. A large dollop of her lubricant sat at the entrance to her vagina. I couldn’t resist touching her.

With my open hand, I spread her juices around her lips and reached forward between her legs to lubricate her clitoris. I avoided touching it directly, but I could ankara otele gelen escort feel the swollen bump as I rubbed my slippery finger above it and around it. Gina began to quiver with an approaching orgasm, so I stopped and drew my finger backward, collecting her honey and bringing it to her ass bud, which was now pulsing. I rubbed my finger around the edge of her anus, pushing just the very tip of my finger inside a little at a time before retreating to the outside for more lubricant. Gina was groaning now and producing more fluid as she gyrated her hips ever so slightly. I used my other hand to collect her honey and then stepped up behind her to reach around her waist and caress one hanging breast and pointy nipple. The weight of her breast in my hand was intoxicating. My movement her brought my penis up right between her legs, and the cherry-red cock head plowed between her wet lips and past her entrance. Gina suddenly pushed back against me, and the motion drove my finger all of the way into her now relaxed asshole.

“Wow,” she said as her ass swallowed my finger. I felt Gina grasp my penis and push it up against her clitoris as she began to saw back and forth on it. This movement pushed rhythmically against my finger, which was fucking her ass, while I pinched her nipple with my other hand. Gina was on the verge of orgasm, and so was I, when she stopped. In a flash she was off of my finger. She turned around, lay back in the grass, and spread her legs wide. I fell to my knees and she got her bare heels over my hips and pulled me toward her. Everything was very wet and very ready. I easily entered her and went completely into her hot folds, bottoming out and grinding against her mons. Her orgasm started immediately and built as I went in and out her, each time ending with a prolonged grind. We fit together so perfectly; the electricity was flowing. Gina started to shake uncontrollably as I rotated my small hair patch against her furry blond bush. I was melting in her heat. We went over the top together. Gina wailed just as I felt the heat and pressure that builds before an ejaculation. Then hot semen rocketed up through my penis. I undulated against her, spasming again and again as she rubbed back against me. My orgasm must have lasted for more than a minute, but Gina continued to quiver off and on for two or three minutes as we gently bucked each other into the pleasure zone.

When we finally came down we lay together for a moment with our eyes closed and my semi-hard penis deep inside of her. We looked at each and laughed, then traded a long, wet tongue kiss, which made my penis twitch. Gina felt it and arched an eyebrow. As I raised myself up on my arms, we both looked down at our junction. Vast amounts of semen were leaking out around my penis, adding to Gina’s copious juices. I slowly withdrew, and as my head popped free, Gina produced a flood. She cupped her hand and literally filled it with our goo, rubbing some on her breasts and belly and some on my balls and penis. Incredibly, I hardened up again!

“Well,” said Gina as she slowly stroked me, “now that we’ve discovered a new aspect of our friendship, we may as well explore.” She gingerly touched my sensitive and penis and said “How would you feel about using this on my rear where your finger was before? You’d be the first, you know.” We stayed naked on the grassy hill until sunset…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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