A Very Welcome Home Party

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I met Jane in kindergarten. As little kids are wont to do, we became best friends practically overnight. We grew up together, having everything to do in each other’s lives. We played the same sports, liked the same movies, hated the same classes. It’s really no wonder our mothers had been planning our wedding since we were six. But Jane and I had never had that kind of relationship. As close as we were, we never felt romantically connected, and although she blossomed into a beautiful young woman and I wasn’t too hard on the eyes myself, there wasn’t really any sexual tension in our relationship either.

Jane’s sister Cassie on the other hand, was a different story. She was four years younger than us, so she grew up with me always as a part of her life, albeit as a sort of extension of Jane. Cassie had had a crush on me from the moment she discovered what boys were and it was not difficult to tell at all. I always just ignored her crush, considering the age gap, but if I had let myself pay attention, I might have actually noticed she also developed into a beautiful young woman. She was, in fact, even more beautiful than her sister.

They were both a good bit shorter than me, the top of Jane’s head coming up to my lips, and Cassie’s to my chin. They had the same color blonde hair, although Jane’s was wavy and never grew past her shoulders while Cassie’s was straight and descended to somewhere around her shoulder blades, depending on when she had cut it last. They both had blue eyes but it was hard to say they were the same color. Jane’s eyes were dark, like the sea during a storm, while Cassie’s eyes had the light color of the sky on the clearest day. They were both slim, but in different ways. Jane’s body was athletically toned, her waist was shallow, and her breasts and ass were the same size, just big enough to wrap your hand around. Cassie had a deeper waist, the kind that was just made to have hands placed on it, and her breasts were slightly bigger than her sister’s, although they had the same ass.

Unsurprisingly, Jane and I attended the same college, staying as close as we ever were. We graduated Purdue four years later with Bachelor degrees in engineering, mine in mechanical, hers in architectural. After we graduated, she stayed in her off-campus apartment for a while to finish out an internship, while I came straight home. I wanted to enjoy my summer before I returned to start working on my Master’s.

Once home, the first thing I did was pass out for 18 straight hours. It was already 1 in the afternoon by the time I woke up, and my welcome home party was already well under way. Everyone was so happy to see me, as if I’d been dead this whole time. There were more hands shaken than faces recognized, but it didn’t matter. Everyone I cared about and then some (save Jane) was here having a good time. I don’t think I stopped smiling all day.

After about two days, everyone abruptly stopped caring I was home. Not that I minded, I was about partied out myself. And it gave me time to spend actual time with people, not a couple minutes at a party catching up. It was during that next week or so that I actually bothered to take notice of Cassie. I used to spend a good deal of time with her back in the day, but always with Jane. It was nice to talk to just her. For the first time, I actually sat up and noticed how her eyes were a different shade than Jane’s, that her hair, though much straighter, still had the slightest of wobble to it. I also took some time to discreetly admire the gorgeous rack that had seemed to sprout overnight. Funny what happens when you stop seeing ‘little sister” and just see “cute girl.”

We talked about her senior year and where tuzla eve gelen escort she planned to go to college. I was surprised to find out she was also going to go to Purdue, although she was going to study nursing. As it turns out, Cassie actually did have a personality, and an amazing one at that. Who knew? Her crush was also still apparent, and after talking for a good two and a half hours and way overstaying our welcome in the chili joint we were in, I invited her back to my place. I had it to myself for the rest of the day, since my dad had left after my party for a job out of town and mom worked late. I didn’t mention any of that, or that I was secretly hoping to cash in on that years long crush of hers.

The door was barely closed behind me when she flung herself into my arms and kissed me. She caught me completely off guard, and because of the height difference, she quickly fell back to the floor away from my lips. We stood there for a minute, me totally stunned at her very sudden forwardness and her absolutely embarrassed by it. Her face was bright red and she looked straight down. It was so adorable.

“I just wanted to do that once,” she said quietly, “just for once in my life to say I’ve done it.”

I took her chin in my hand and lifted her face up, bringing mine down to kiss her again. Her Chapstick tasted like strawberries, even after the greasy chili we had just had. “You don’t have to stop at just once,” I said, turning to walk into the living room. I nonchalantly flopped on the couch, resting my arm along the back. I flicked on the tv, as though nothing had happened, turning on some random movie channel. Cassie walked over to me and sat down on the couch next to me. After a few minutes she leaned over and rested her head on me and I dropped my arm off the couch and draped it across her shoulders.

It was several minutes later before she actually got up the courage to kiss me again. The movie had slowed to a less interesting scene, an exposition dump for the ages. Cassie turned her face toward me and lifted up, kissing me on the cheek. I turned to smile at her and she smiled back, her cheeks very red with either embarrassment or heat. She leaned forward and kissed me again, this time on the mouth. We kissed for a while. Eventually, we began making out, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. Cassie’s arms lifted up around my neck. And then there was a loud slam. Cassie jumped ten feet in the air and shot to the other side of the couch.

Someone in the movie had thrown a tantrum and slammed a door. When we realized what it was, we both laughed. Cassie’s laugh was sheepish and embarrassed. I laughed hard that we had been stopped by the movie we weren’t watching. It was hilarious to me that she had gotten so scared. I grabbed the remote and muted the movie. I looked over at Cassie and saw that she was now sitting the other way, with her feet and legs towards me and her body pointed away. I reached over and took her feet in my hands. I pulled off her shoes and began massaging her feet, slowly and deliberately. Cassie relaxed as I undid the kinks in her feet. The red in her face slowly faded and she sank lower on the couch, so her head rested on the armrest.

I massaged her feet for several minutes. The movie ended and another silently started on the other side of the room. I set her feet down and crawled across the couch so I was hanging over top of her. I leaned down and kissed her again. It wasn’t long before we were making out again. I slowly lowered myself, letting my body press into hers. As she felt the weight of my body on hers, she pushed herself up of the couch into me. Her back arched. tuzla yeni escort She wrapped one of her legs around mine and she hung her arms around my neck again.

With one arm that was no longer supporting my weight, I reached down and put my hand on her supple hip. I tested the waters, grinding my crotch into hers. She didn’t fight, in fact, she used the leg she had wrapped around mine as leverage to grind back against me. The hand on her waist began tugging at her shirt, slowly sliding it up her body. When it got high enough, she pulled herself up off the couch and broke our kiss long enough to take it off and toss it aside. She began urgently pulling away at my shirt, as if every second we weren’t dressed the same was agonizing for her. I tossed my shirt aside as well and bent back down to continue kissing her.

I slid my hand down between us and rested it on her crotch. She stopped grinding against me and I undid her jeans, pulling down her zipper as painfully slowly as I could. I kissed along her jawline to her ear and nibbled on it momentarily. Then I kissed down her neck to her collarbone, across to the center of her chest, and down her cleavage, still encased in her bra. When I reached the bottom of her breasts, I pressed myself under them as tight as I could to kiss under her bra, then continued descending. As I reached her belly button, I grabbed her waistband, both her jeans and panties, and started tugging them down. I didn’t linger on her pussy, although I could smell how wet she was by now. I continued down her legs, my kisses just following her clothes as I removed them.

Once her pants were gone, I began kissing back up her legs, alternating between them. As turned on as I was, I forced myself to slow down. Each kiss started coming with just a little longer delay and just a slightly shorter than the last as I traversed her thighs. When I got to her pussy, I gave it a simple kiss, then continued back down her other thigh as if it weren’t important. Cassie squirmed underneath me and I kissed back up to her pussy, gave it another light kiss, and continued again descending her thigh. Cassie squirmed once more and I kissed back up to her pussy. This time, I stayed. After I planted a kiss on it, I kissed it again. I licked the length of her opening. I found where her clit was and kissed her there.

Cassie squirmed as I kissed her there. I descended to her opening and flicked my tongue across it, in it, and then came back up to her clit. As I ate her out, I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and fished out a condom. I tossed my wallet to the side and set the condom down before undoing my pants and trying to remove them. Cassie continued to squirm and writhe under my tongue, and I kicked and bucked as I tried to get my pants off without looking. Once I got my pants off, I tossed them aside as well. I picked the condom back up and opened the package. I hadn’t been able to do this without looking in high school, but I master the art in college. I pulled the condom out and discarded the wrapper. I found which way it unrolled and slipped it onto my cock.

Hence prepared, I began kissing back up Cassie’s body, trying to hit the same spots I had on the way down. When I got to her ear, she didn’t let my kiss down her jawline, she intercepted me and began making out with me again, urgently. We pressed our bodies together again. I made sure my cock rubbed against her entrance without going in. I wanted to make absolutely sure she knew what I wanted, that I had a condom on, and that I was waiting for her approval. We sat there kissing and rubbing for a long time. I finally pulled back and took my cock in my hand. I looked down tuzla genç escort at it as I dragged my head up and down her entrance. I lined up and looked her in the eye with a question. She slowly nodded her assent.

“I want to hear you say it,” I said, “I want to know you know what’s going on and that you’re absolutely ok with it.”

She looked at me, apparently considering the out I was offering her. She nodded again. She said, “I want to have sex with you, Alex. It’s ok, you can put it in.”

I didn’t give much hesitation. I pressed into her slowly. She was wet, but she was very tight. Every inch or so, I stopped and rested, letting her get used to it, before I wiggled around and continued. I didn’t know if Cassie was a virgin or not, but I didn’t want to take the chance and hurt her if I didn’t have to. I began slowly pulling out of her. She and I both watched as my cock slid back in and then out again a few more times. When I felt I had waited long enough to get her ready, I looked at her and kissed her again. As we made out, I increased my speed and force.

Cassie moaned into my kiss. She pressed against me, one leg wrapped around my leg, the other rose to wrap around my waist. I bucked into her, not pounding away like I did with most girls, but trying to find the rhythm that best pleasured her. Every change of pace or direction seemed electric to her. She writhed under me, she moaned, almost screamed into my kiss. Every change was better than the last, but that only meant I hadn’t found the best yet. I continued, trying every combination of angle and speed. I reached my hand down to make sure I was stimulating her clit and repeated a few combinations.

She only grew more excited, and I was getting close to my limit. I decided to go for broke. I broke away from our kiss and sat up on my knees. I took her waist into my hands as leverage and began pumping into her like a jackhammer. As it turns out, that happened to be the best, or at least the best yet. I watched her breasts bounce around, threatening to fall out of, or better yet snap open, her bra. She watched the place where my sex thrust into hers, completely mesmerized. Our breathing was heavy, but I pushed on until I finally climaxed. I pushed balls deep into her as the great wave that accompanies the beginning of an orgasm flowed over me. As I rode it out, I would occasionally give her a few pumps.

Finally, my orgasm completed, I collapsed on top of her and we both breathed deeply, as though we had sprinted a marathon. When I had the strength, I pulled my now half-limp cock out of her and rolled off of her and the couch. I pulled off the condom and tied it off, trapping my cum inside. I pushed it into its package, then started pulling my clothes back on. I handed Cassie her clothes, but she sat there for a moment. I was almost completely dressed before she started grabbing her clothes.

I got up and threw away the condom. When I came back into the living room, Cassie was still in just her bra and panties, the rest of her clothes set aside. I stood in the doorway, holding two cans of coke and wondering why she hadn’t bothered to get dressed the rest of the way. She saw me and smiled. She held a hand out for the coke, and I gave it to her. I sat down beside her and she rested her head on me again. The hand that wasn’t holding a coke played with the hem of my shirt.

“I don’t know why you bothered to put this back on yet,” she said. She wasn’t looking at me, just watching the movie silently playing on the tv. “I don’t have to be home for another few hours. I’m not done with you yet.” I smiled to myself. The arm that had been around her shoulders I dropped so my hand cradled her waist. I kissed the top of her head and unmuted the movie. It wouldn’t be long before I was ready to give Cassie another dose, but I liked this scene. I enjoyed the scene as she lazily ran a hand up and down my thigh. No, it wouldn’t be long at all before I was up again. Maybe I didn’t like this scene so much anyway…

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