A Sexual Secretary Introduction

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* The following story is from my real life experiences with as little embellishment as possible. *

Since I was 15 I’ve known I’m an attractive woman, I have a curved and toned 5′ 2″ frame with 28 C breasts which are usually out on show with a vest top or low cut dress.

I live and work in London, which is the perfect place for me, plenty of gorgeous shops to dress myself in and a plethora of rich men to pay for all my fantasies!

I was a latecomer to having sex, at the age of 19 I lost my virginity to my college boyfriend at the time, I’m led to believe I had a pretty good first time which might be the reason I absolutely love sex! I think about it all the time and I pretty much live to be filled my as many luscious cocks as possible!

I currently work as a secretary to a wealthy and powerful banker in a well known bank, as yet I’ve resisted the urge to pin him to his desk and make him satisfy me, however that’s not to say I’ve not used his desk!

At the age of 22 my first tuzla bayan escort office sex experience was with a older man by the name of Paul, he caught my eye the day he started. I’m known throughout the office as promiscuous, not because I’ve been caught but because of what I wear.

I’m usually seen in 6″ heel shiny black pumps with dark black stockings, suspenders, tight dark grey or black pencil skirts that show of my firm but round bum, cream frilly blouses with dark bra’s that just show through. I know I’m stunning to look at, I turned heads wherever I go and I have often seen mens crotches bulge on the tube!

Anyway, Paul was a delight, older, looked like he worked out, recently divorced and was a good laugh! I began working in a professional manner around him, easing up the flirting over a period of weeks.

One day I was utterly horny, all I could think about was getting wildly fucked! It was due to my flat mate bringing home a stud who fucked tuzla olgun escort her senseless the whole night, I naturally rubbed myself off to their noises… I sent Paul a note saying that I needed to speak with him in private, he responded by saying we should meet in a cafe down the road.

I took off my lacy knickers in the bathroom before heading out with him. Once at the cafe I wasted no time and handed him my knickers and demanding that he take me to a hotel that night. He looked stunned but cool and confident, replying with “Sure, why not, in fact I was going to propose the same thing myself one day soon!”

The rest of the day was a waste of time work wise, I just sat at my desk staring at Paul thinking what he was like in bed…

We hurriedly got up to the room where Paul pushed me against a wall and kissed me passionately for what seemed like an age. I got restless and started fumbling to undo his belt and pull out a very hard 7″ meaty cock tuzla otele gelen escort which made me make an involuntary sound like a murmur. I just sank to my knees and began to gently lick with the tip of my tongue from the base of his large balls to the tip of his head. I then took him slowly into my stretched open mouth and took him until I was about to gag, opening my eyes I saw I hand’t yet fitted it all in… Standing up his cock in my hand I led him to the bedroom where I pushed him onto the bed and made a slight show of taking off my skirt and blouse, bending over at the right time to tease him. Keeping my sexy heels on I clambered onto the bed between his legs and took him into my mouth and tried to force him down my throat, I couldn’t, that was until he pushed down on my head and the rest of his meat forced its way down my throat, I gagged on it but it I knew it must have felt amazing because he got even harder!

After sucking him off for a good 20 minutes and stood him up, knelt between his legs and jerked him off with wet hands till he shot his load over my face and body, I lapped up all the steamy cum best I could before pushing him on the bed, dressing and blowing him a kiss before heading out the door!

The next day at work he did ask why I left in such a hurry but I left him wanting more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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