A Little Bit of Sweet Danish

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We were all glad to finish another busy night at the restaurant. Lana closed the doors behind the last customers of the evening. “Thank god that’s over,” she sighed. “My feet are killing me! I can’t wait to get to bed – I’m going straight to sleep tonight.”

“Not me,” said Katie. “I’m up for a bit of cock action with Troy. He’s been as horny as hell lately! I tell you I feel like a fuck toy with my boyfriend, not that I’m complaining, ha ha!”

I smiled at Katie’s lack of discretion when it came to her sex life…as per usual for her, I thought. Maria, our beautiful Danish waitress, looked troubled. She was often left alone for weeks at a time while her partner, David, flew for a large commercial airline.
“What about you, Maria?” Katie asked. “Is David flying at the moment?”
“Yes, he’s just left for two weeks. He’s flying to London and Frankfurt,” Maria replied.
“How glamorous! I wish Tory was a sexy pilot – or even a horny flight attendant! We could join the mile high club…”
“OK you lot, time to go. I’ve got to get my beauty sleep too,” I said, smiling. I bid the girls good night and closed the door behind them, ready to finish off the till and lock up.

I checked the windows, doors, set the alarm and locked the door. “God,” I thought, “I’ll be really glad to slip into bed too.” I walked to where my car was parked and slid in. I was just starting the engine when my phone rang. “Who the fuck rings you at 12.30am?” I thought angrily. I picked up to find out.

“Hi, Rana? It’s Maria. Have you left work yet?”
“No, why?” I said. Maria sounded a bit flustered, a state I had never yet witnessed her in. She was smart and competent, with that Nordic reserve and calm emanating from every pore.
“I’m such an idiot! I’ve left my keys at home and just paid the taxi driver the last bit of cash I had. David’s not here and I was panicking a bit, then I remembered the spare key I left with you. Do you think you could bring it over for me?”
“Of course,” I said, really meaning it. Maria was such a great employee and I was happy to be able to come to her aid, even though I was tired. “I’ll be right over.”

I pulled up outside her flat and saw Maria standing by the entrance.
“Oh, thanks!” she exclaimed. “You were really quick. I’m so sorry to be such a bother.”
“No problemo!” I said laughing. “Now let’s go and let you in – the key’s on my car keyring.”

We walked upstairs, chatting and laughing and I opened the front door for her. “There you go,” I said. “I’ll see you on Friday night.”
“No, wait,” Maria said. “The least I can do is offer you a drink. Please come in and have one with me.”
“Oh, it’s late and I don’t want to keep you up. You must be tired…”
“No, really,” she insisted, “I’d love for us to have a chat alone – you know it’s always so hard to get a word in at work, especially with Katie around!”
“Ok,” I agreed. I have to say I was quite pleased with the idea of staying for a drink. I had a bit of a crush on Maria and often fantasised about her while I was getting off. I knew that it was just a fantasy though – she was very straight-laced and didn’t seem like she was interested in getting off with another woman.

A bit about Maria here: she is quite petite, about 5’ 5”, beautiful wide baby blue eyes and that incredible white-blonde Scandanavian hair that fell straight down to the middle of her back. She had a little upturned nose and a lovely smile. As for her body, it was perfect. She had pert, medium-sized breasts and a cute little ass.

We sat down with a drink – Maria had a jug of margaritas in the fridge – and with great conversation and lots of laughing, it wasn’t long before we both got a bit tipsy.

“How am I going to drive home now?” I asked innocently, hoping like hell she would ask me to stay over.
“Why don’t you stay?” she suggested, to my delight! “Just call Eduardo and tell him you’re not safe on the road anymore!” Maria giggled.
I agreed and called my husband to tell him.

“Why am I not surprised?” he teased. “You are an alcoholic, you know that?” I loved my husband like crazy. He was Italian, sexy and fantastic in bed. No-one could eat my pussy like he did and I loved sucking his fat, throbbing cock whenever I got the chance. We were both mad for sex, and adventurous in all that we did.
“Just make sure you don’t accidentally lick that sweet little blonde kocaeli escort pussy of hers, unless you call me over to watch!” he went on. “I know how much you’d like to fuck her, and how much I’d like to join in after I watch you for a bit!”
I giggled with him, worried that Maria might overhear our dirty conversation.
“Goodnight sweetie,” I said.
“Don’t forget to take pictures,” he joked as we hung up.

“What did he say?” Maria asked. I blushed, and stammered, “Oh, you know, he was just complaining about how much I drink.”
“You’re so lucky,” Maria continued. “You have such a great relationship with Eduardo and you’ve been together for a while, too. How do you stay so much in love?”
“Well, to be honest,” I started bravely, “I think a large part of it is probably the sex. We’re pretty much up for anything and it helps to keep our relationship strong.” I watched to see if she would react to this and ask me for more information. Instead, she surprised me by saying something totally different.

“You know, I think you’re right. I’m starting to worry about my relationship with David. I really love him, but I feel like we’re not that compatible sexually,” she said frankly. “I love sex but David hardly ever wants it, and when we do it, it’s more like a chore for him to finish as quickly as possible. I can’t remember the last time I came with him.”
“Oh!” I said, a little caught off guard. I wasn’t expecting this turn in the conversation.
“I hope I’m not crossing the line with you, talking about this stuff – I feel like Katie!” she laughed. “Only I wouldn’t say it in front of everyone. I thought I’d ask you for some advice because you and Eduardo seem so happy. When you’re together you can almost see the sexual energy passing between you when you look at each other.”

I was flattered that she thought that about my relationship and I was really enjoying where the conversation was going. With any luck, I might end up with some of that blonde pussy in my face after all. Eduardo would be jealous that he missed it. I couldn’t believe what an idiot David was. Imagine having that gorgeous piece of ass in bed with you and not wanting to fuck her brains out all night, every night. I knew my husband would!

“It’s so nice of you to say that,” I replied. “Have you spoken to David about it at all?” I asked. “Maybe he doesn’t realise that you need a bit more sex than he does.”
“Yes, we talk all the time about it. We love each other in every other way but I really am quite a sexual person, and it’s starting to frustrate the hell out of me.”

“Do you get off on your own?” I asked, thinking about how cheeky I was getting. Would she take the bait? I still didn’t know how she would feel about what I had in mind for her, and how many orgasms we’d be having together if she was willing.

“I’ve tried, but when I come, it’s not so great. I really need the touch of another person to get me off in a big way,” she answered.
“Have you thought about doing it with someone else?” I asked innocently. “Just for the sex, you know. With David away so often it would be easy for you to do. You certainly wouldn’t have any trouble attracting other guys!”

Now it was her turn to blush. “I can’t do that to David. I love him and he loves me, and I feel like I would be betraying him if I had sex with another man.”
Did she say “man?” Well, here was my chance to jump in – opportunity was knocking…

“Have you thought about doing it with a woman?” I tried to sound innocent, as if the idea had just occurred to me. Little did I know what was coming next!
“Actually, I have, and funnily enough, I don’t feel as though it would be cheating on David. How silly is that!” she giggled.

“I don’t think it’s silly at all,” I said. My heart was beating faster and my pussy was starting to respond to the thought of fucking this gorgeous creature, sucking and biting her nipples and holding her tight little ass while I sucked her clit into waves of fantastic orgasms. I could only hope that I could convince her to give it a try with me!

“You know,” she said shyly, “I have this terrific crush on you. I think about you and Eduardo having great sex when I’m getting myself off. I think about how you would look naked and how great it would feel to suck on your big, beautiful tits. I also pretend that it’s your fingers in my pussy when I’m coming. I always have the darıca escort best orgasms when I think about you.”

What do you say to that? I found myself at a loss for words – something that didn’t usually happen to me. I was so wanting her to say what she did, but at the same time, so not expecting her to.

“I’m sorry,” she said awkwardly,” have I embarrassed you saying that? I really think I’ve had too many margaritas!”

I jumped in quickly, not wanting to lose the chance of a lifetime by embarrassing her. “No, no, Maria,” I babbled, “I’m just so surprised because what you just said is what I’ve been thinking about you since I met you.”
“Really?” she responded, surprised at my outburst.
“You betcha!” I said. “Eduardo and I talk about fucking you all the time – it gets us going when we fuck too!” I was no longer worried about shocking her!

“Well, it would be a waste for you to stay over and not lick my pussy,” she joked.
“A terrible waste!” I agreed.

I moved my hand onto her thigh and up under her miniskirt and saw her beautiful blue eyes widen and then sparkle with lust and excitement. I tucked my hand in between her legs and leaned over to kiss her. Her beautiful lips tasted so sweet and I let my tongue flicker over them as we kissed. I heard her little gasp of breath as I started to use the tip of my thumb to massage her clit through her panties while I probed her mouth more deeply with my tongue.

“Oh, man, now I know why Eduardo looks at you like that’” she panted. I saw her nipples hardening and pressing through the thin fabric of her T shirt. I moved my hand up to rub her beautiful tits through her shirt, pinching and squeezing her nipples. I could feel my pussy getting so hot and wet, I thought I would probably come if she touched it!

I pulled her T shirt up over her head, revealing the sexiest bra – she was wearing a low cup bra that left the whole top of her tits and her nipples exposed. “Fuck, that’s a very sexy bra to wear to work,” I said.
“I know,” she answered, “But I like the feel of my hard nipples rubbing against my shirt every time I look at you at work.. It makes my pussy really wet too!”
“Oh really?” I asked. “That’s going to come in handy when I suck on your cllit.”
I knew that the dirty talk was turning us both on even more.

I returned my attention to the bra and those beautiful, perky tits popping out of the top. I took one nipple in my mouth and rolled my tongue around it, sucking the whole end of her breast and letting it go with a popping sound. She moaned, “Oh fuck, this is better than even my own perverted thoughts could imagine. You are so sexy!”
I lapped up the compliments as I lapped up her other gorgeous tit, taking it in my mouth and sucking it hard. I kept up the circles I was making on her panties and I could feel the dampness coming through. God, she was so sexy! I grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed them together running my tongue over both nipples at once. She squealed with pleasure and grabbed my face, kissing me deeply and passionately and rubbing her tits against me. She undid the buttons on my shirt and said, “Ohh, your tits are even more beautiful than I thought.” She reached around to undo my bra and let my big tits swing loose. She held one in each hand and we both moaned with pleasure and lust as she sucked them like a demon.
She sucked on one like a baby, making me feel like my pussy was going to explode. I licked and sucked my other nipple and she promptly joined me. We French kissed while we both sucked my swollen nipple “Oh, they’re so big! They’re making me sooo horny!”Maria panted.
“Not as horny as you’re making me ,”I purred in her ear.

I unzipped her skirt and pulled it off, exposing the matching panties to that slutty bra she was wearing. They were crotchless and now that her skirt was off, I could see her beautiful pussy lips glistening with her cunt juices. It was all too much and I dropped to my knees to poke my tongue into her beautiful slit.

Maria arched her back and cried out in ecstasy. She held my head and used my tongue to fuck her wet pussy – I stuck it out as long as I could, and it’s quite a long tongue anyway, and fucked her with my tongue cock. She bucked her hips to meet the thrusts of my tongue. When I finally came up for a breath I rolled her soaked panties off. “Now I’m going to eat your little gölcük escort snatch until you come all over my face,” I whispered in her ear.

I grabbed her around her tiny waist and hoisted her up so that her legs were dangling over my shoulders with her ass facing me. I noticed with a smile that she was definitely a real blonde as I buried my face in her wet cunt, grabbing her labia with my lips and sucking them hard. In between munching on her snatch I licked her tight little asshole and poked my tongue deep inside it while I rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy – something I loved Eduardo doing to me.

Maria started yelling, “Oh my god, oh my FUCKING GOD!! I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m fucking coming so bad!!” I kept up the action and brought her to an incredible, shuddering orgasm that went on for ages.

She lay there panting on the sofa for a minute, then said, “That was the best fucking eating out I’ve ever had! Where did you learn to do that?”
“My husband,” I said. “His hobby is eating pussy!”

“Well what about you? “ Maria asked me as she regained her composure.
“What about me?” I replied innocently.
“Your pussy needs some attention now,” she said. “Can I play with it?”
“I thought you’d never ask, “ I said slyly.

Maria slid my skirt and panties off in one go. She plunged her tongue deep into my wet cunt and slurped up the juices. While she sucked on my pussy lips she slid two fingers into my pussy and started fingering me as she ate me out. I could feel the waves of pleasure that indicated I was working up to a killer orgasm. Maria inserted a third and then a fourth finger into my dripping pussy.

“I want to fist your beautiful cunt,” she whispered, “right up to my arm. I want to stretch it like Eduardo does with his big cock. He does have a big cock, doesn’t he? “
“Yes, he does,” I said faintly.
“Yes, I can tell you’ve been fucked with a big cock when you come into work sometimes. I can even smell the sex on you, you gorgeous slut!”
I could only moan as she fisted me deep and sucked on my clit. In a very short time I climaxed long and hard. We both collapsed on the sofa, but continued to kiss, slowly and passionately, our tongues coiling around each other’s like two sex hungry serpents.

All that kissing turned us both on so much we had to keep going.
“Fuck, you are such a hot slut!” Maria laughed.
“Takes one to know one,” I reliped.

Maria sat up suddenly and said, “Do you like a bit of rough sex?”
“I like everything that ends with sex,” I giggled. With that Maria grabbed my face and kissed me roughly, but it was such a turn on! I gasped as she slapped my tits and pinched the nipples really hard. Then the little vixen started smacking my ass and my pussy. “Stop it!” I giggled, but she wouldn’t. I was getting so turned on again I started slapping her too. I could see by the way her eyes were glazed that she was getting just and horny as me.

“Let’s be scissor sisters and rub pussies!” she said. I didn’t need another invitation. I grabbed her legs and moved up so our pussies were touching. Maria looked into my eyes and said, “You are the best! You are so fucking hot I’m going to have orgasms for the rest of my life whenever I think about this!”
“Me too,” I answered.

We started rubbing slowly and squeezing each others’ tits. I could feel her wet pussy squishing against my wet pussy and we started to build up a rhythm. Soon we were bucking and moaning and I could tell that we were going to explode together this time. “Oh, I’m coming again – I can’t believe it!!” Maria screamed
“Don’t stop baby, I’m coming too,” I panted. We bucked and rubbed ourselves into oblivion, screaming and jumping around with pure pleasure.

I only hope her neighbours are heavy sleepers!

We had a long shower together, soaping up each other’s tits and pussies and kissing long and slow while we rubbed our slippery tits together. We dried each other off and couldn’t resist having another suck of each others’ nipples as we climbed into bed.

“I think we’re going to sleep well tonight,” Maria purred contentedly.
“And maybe in the morning we’ll be ready for some more,” I said eagerly.
“There’s no maybe about it,” Maria replied. “I might not be able to hold off until morning!”
“Good!” I giggled. “Bring it on, fuck buddy!”
We sleepily said good night and turned off the light.

“Oh, Rana, one other thing….”
“Hmmph,” I mumbled sleepily.
“I didn’t really leave my keys at home…”

Can you believe that little slut? I love her!

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