A Lesson Not Soon Forgotten

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He flickered his eyes down to his wrist and sighed with impatience. His other hand had been drumming on the table for some time now, disturbing what water was left in his glass with his agitation. She was supposed to have been here twenty minutes ago. His food had grown cold waiting, her salad left untouched. Andrew took his phone out and checked it again. Be there in 5 was her last message, with a smiley face after it. The smile made him growl as he brought his glass to his mouth.

She came waltzing up and gave him a rather quick kiss on the cheek, one that startled him and had him spill his drink onto his sky blue shirt, leaving dark splattered marks. His annoyance was clearly written on his face as she plopped down in her seat, picked up her fork and stabbed some leafy greens without so much as an apology for her tardiness.

His glare was finally met when she brought her the fork fork to her mouth and noisily chomped down on it. There was a smirk on her face that rubbed him the wrong way and it took a good deal of restraint on his part not to wipe it from her face right then and there at the restaurant. His voice took on a dangerous tone while he watched her disregard one of their oldest rules.

“Do you need a reminder of proper etiquette, Madison? Because your behavior has been appalling today already.”

To add insult to injury, she munched on her salad as she replied “Me? Nah, it isn’t my fault that you’ve got a stick up your bum today. Maybe you need some adjustments yourself, ey Drewy?”

Andrew bared his teeth at her and had a few bites of his cold sandwich. There was barely any time left for either of their lunch breaks but that didn’t seem to bother her any.

“Is that so? We’ll have to see about that tonight, won’t we?” He watched her take another bite. He eyed the plate and the delicate place it sat and waited for the right moment, still silently fuming at her obstinacy.

Madison simply shrugged at him and continued eating. She was quite pleased with how angry she had made him with such little effort. It created a small knot in her stomach, it was thrilling seeing the storm inside him and knowing full well that he could do nothing about it. The other half of that knot was the sense of foreboding that such taunting brings, and she could only hope to withstand the tsunami that would be his wrath later on. If only he knew then how badly she wanted to hurt that night, perhaps he would have done something preventative instead of fanning the flames.

As the waitress stood opposite their table to attend to another, Andrew quickly swiped at the napkin under the plate, upsetting it entirely and having it’s contents flung onto the floor and onto the back of the waitress’ legs.

Both women gasped in surprise while Andrew immediately chided “You clumsy girl, look what you did.”

He watched the heat rise in Madison’s face as she attempted to apologize to the waitress, the sudden move having thrown her from her course temporarily.

“Should I bring you another salad, Miss?” asked the waitress, clearly hiding behind her professional courtesy at this point.

“Oh, no thank you ma’am. We’re finished here. I’ll take a box and the check please.” Andrew waved Madison off with a dismissive hand, ignoring the dumbfounded look on her face. He watched as her jaw set and she pushed herself sharply away from the table.

He let her leave without saying goodbye, knowing that this was just another display of her defiance. He knew that with each exaggerated step that bounced her ass she had been silently wishing he’d snatched her wrist and bent her over his knee. She had been asking for it, practically screaming for it. And he had wanted to, making her asscheeks as red as her face had been. But no, he’d bide his time and see just how deep a grave she’d dig herself today.

Andrew stayed a few more moments after paying to calm himself. It would do him little good to give into her gibe while he still had the second half of his day to get through.

Back at work herself, Madison had been giddy at her desk. She had it in her head how the evening would play out, weighing all the options and she took joy in imagining exactly when and how he would wrest back the power she refused to give him. The wild daydreams had her squirming in her chair, movements that didn’t go unnoticed by her cubicle mate. They had made eye contact a few times during this time and it hatched another idea that she had trouble resisting. Madison flashed him an irresistible smile and winked as she sauntered her way to the bathroom, hearing his chair scrape against the ground had her secretly licking her lips.

Andrew’s phone buzzed on his desk and saw the small purple notification flash that provoked him slightly. He hadn’t spent much of the past two hours being productive, no, her show had been quite distracting and he was annoyed at her for doing just that. Every time he tasked himself with paperwork the white sheet would remind him of her fingers twisting in their sheets as he spanked her or of her own pale, creamy skin he loved to turn different shades of red.

That was the color he saw as he opened message that had an attachment following the text “Since you didn’t let me finish lunch…”. He had an inkling of an idea of what it would contain as he clicked in and the resulting stiffness in his pants confirmed his suspicions.

Madison was on her knees, blouse partly undone and she had cum oozing out of and around her mouth, dripping off of her chin. Her tongue was out as well, and the corners of her pink lips were turned up in a mischievous, slutty grin.

He couldn’t stop the groan that seeing his little whore presenting herself after being used brought. It must’ve been Walter’s cum, since he recognized her office’s bathroom stall. Madison had had him before but only whenever Andrew wanted her to. She had never gone and whored herself out on her own and it was driving him crazy in more ways than one as he stared at the photo. Oh how that little girl had hell to pay.


An hour left of work and the rush of sucking Walter’s cock without Andrew’s express permission having worn off had Madison growing increasingly worried. Andrew hadn’t responded at all, yet her phone indicated that he had both received and read her messages. Half a dozen times she had started to type out something new, an extra taunt, an apology, a nonchalant detail about her day. Anything to break this deafening silence that he left her in. Every time she got halfway through the message she’d erase it and put her phone down.

Had she pushed him too far? Was this an undercovered line that she had crossed? Madison shook her head, clearing the doubt from her mind. Andrew had thicker skin than that. He embodied confidence and it was his idea in the first place to mess around with her coworker. She had feigned being difficult before, pushing his buttons and bratting out but he was always able to set her straight and her resistances always crumbled. But not this time. Madison was determined not to give in, no matter what. She wanted to be broken, to be shattered. And that meant she couldn’t let the quiet before the storm be her undoing.

Andrew had trouble keeping his erection down as he switched off his car and approached their front door. He had been having trouble with that all day as a matter of fact and he couldn’t wait to fuck her bratty little brains out. That would only happen after she was battered, bruised and a crying, blubbering mess though. For half a second he considered what he would do if he opened the door to find her in her expected position; on her knees, naked with a chilled three fingers glass of his favorite whisky. If she had chickened out, if her bravado had failed her in the few hours between lunch and now. He’d still punish her, yes, he thought, but he’d be lenient.

The door swung open slowly on its hinges and despite his calm outer appearance he had held his breath in anticipation. His thought had been wrong, and that was delightfully irksome. The entranceway stood empty and void of his submissive doing what was required of her. He dropped his bag by the door. The battle of wills was about to begin.

Andrew heard his footsteps echo through the hallway and he liked that it announced his presence. This was his house, he was in control here, as he had been ever since they had signed their contract and she had given him that power. If she had the gall to challenge his authority he had no issue setting her straight. And there she was, her position actually catching him off guard ever so slightly. Madison’s feet were raised onto the counter, crossed over one another as she sat back on the barstool casually. In her hand escort london was a clear drink with a rogue lime drifting around within a small icefield. She allowed him the briefest of smiles as she said “Welcome home, Drew.”

“Where’s my drink?” He asked cooly, knowing the answer before she spoke.

His gaze was piercing, and Madison shifted quietly in her seat, meeting it as best as she could. She hoped that he couldn’t hear her heart racing inside of her chest and that there wasn’t a tremor in her voice. She decided to keep it short. “It’s in the bottle. You remember how to pour one, right?”

He mentally noted the slight shake in her hand as she casually sipped her drink, peering at him from over her glass. He kept a straight face but internally grinned; without the armor of being in public or hiding behind a wall of text she knew she was vulnerable. Andrew turned away from her to let himself finally smile, knowing how he’d be exploiting every crevice of that vulnerability. That smile, however, turned into a scowl when he made it to the sink and saw the pile of ice slowly melting inside it. He knew it wasn’t worth looking in the freezer for more as Madison made the ice within her glass clink obnoxiously.

Andrew gritted his teeth before turning back to her. “It isn’t going to make itself, you know.”

She continued to sip her drink and shrugged, agreeing with a smirk “No, it isn’t.”

Her eyes followed him as he slowly rounded the corner. She felt all of her muscles tense at once and she willed them to relax as he drew nearer. Andrew stopped mere inches from her, his height forcing her to tilt her head upward to maintain eye contact. The clinking in the glass had quieted as she had put it on the counter, having noticed her hand was betraying her.

He brought his hand up to her face and she flinched instinctively, expecting a harsh slap. Instead, his fingers lightly brushed some hair from her cheek, tucking it behind her ear. Normally this would be disarming but Madison could see the flames dancing behind his eyes. In that moment, he terrified her with that gentle gesture.

“Make my drink, Maddie. Now.” His voice was chilling, the opposite feeling of his fingers, which hovered by her ear, softly stroking the side of her head.

“No.” Madison had steeled herself all day for this and she was not going to let him win this easily.

“I didn’t quite catch that Madison, try again.”

“N-no Drew. Make your ow—aaahh!” He had allowed her that much time to speak before his hand snaked behind her head and grasped a fistful of her hair and yanking downwards in the same motion. She shrieked as she fell from the barstool and barely caught herself on her knees. Andrew walked back around the counter to where the whisky bottle sat, not paying the slightest bit of attention to Madison’s hissing and complaining as he dragged her along.

He lifted her head up enough to allow her to stand on her feet and then threw her against the counter, pinning her against it with his hips. He knew she could feel his hardon pressed between her cheeks and he didn’t have to see her face to know it had an effect on her.

“Make the drink, Madison.” He growled into her ear and he savored the shiver that ran down her spine. Andrew watched as her trembling hand grasped the neck of the bottle, his own still fully entrenched in her hair. He kept it taut and smiled as she whimpered. That made his cock twitch.

She tipped the bottle towards the glass, some spilling out on the counter before her aim improved. When it was three fingers tall she hesitated, allowing some more to flow into the cup. Andrew yanked her hair to snap her back to her task and with a yelp she dropped the bottle onto the counter, the glass wobbling before settling.

“Now hand me my drink, slut.” He commanded without removing his hand. She took the almost full glass in her left hand and made a show of handing it over her shoulder to his free hand just before tipping it sharply and splashing every last drop onto Andrew.

The shock from the splash was enough to loosen his grip and with a backwards thrust Madison managed to free herself from between a rock and a hard place. That freedom was short lived as he lashed out, grabbing her upper arm to the point where she knew it’d bruise and he tore her down to the floor.

The side of his face dripped whisky and his blue shirt reeked of the stuff. Her hands tried to pry at his grip on her arm but they changed their target as soon as his other found her throat. Madison’s eyes grew wide and she gasped as he glared down at her, absolutely seething.

“You fucking brat. How much did you think you’d get away with today, huh? What were you thinking while you defied me continually?” He put pressure on her throat, cutting off her air. He growled moving closer to her face and he whispered, “I’ll fucking tell you: nothing. Because you’re incapable of thought and understanding that your actions have consequences. And you have completely fucked yourself over, brat.”

When he saw her color change and her gasps becoming more frantic he let up enough for her to rasp out, “fuck you and what you ‘know’”. Andrew bared his teeth and tossed her onto her stomach, bringing his knee down on the small of her back and trapping her there. She struggled under him as he reached up and into the sink, grabbing a fistful of ice and twisting back to rip the top of her leggings up and depositing it under her panties. He had heard some of the stitching tear after he had released the band and it didn’t quite snap back as it should have.

“Andrew!! Get off of me!” she yelled and writhed, trying to upset him. Having one foot firmly on the ground, that was unlikely. He took hold of the bottle of whisky and found her hair again, keeping her pinned to the wet spot on the floor. The ice burned as it slowly melted against the heat of her core, sending prickles into her skin and tender flesh as it soaked her pants.

She started sputtering as soon as he tipped the bottle over her face, letting the amber liquid splatter on her nose, cheek and mouth. The smell was overwhelming and some got into her nose, making her cough worse. When he put the bottle back onto the counter, Madison was laying face down in a considerable puddle of the stuff and was still gagging. He reached back and pressed his fingers through the thin fabric of her pants in hopes of pushing some ice between her folds, which felt like they were on fire.

“You’re disgusting, you know that? You’re wetter than you’ve been in a year and it isn’t because of my drink. Does fucking around with your coworker behind my back excite you that much?”

When she opened her mouth to protest he shoved her lips into the puddle, forcing her to choke some down. When he yanked her head back up she let out a strained groan and shook her head. His probing fingers stroked her hidden lips, the ice having chilled his fingertips he could only imagine how cold she felt and it delighted him to no end.

Madison could feel the alcohol having some effect on her and she knew that that wasn’t good. She needed to be sharp, because he was always sharper and always frustratingly a step ahead of her. Sharp.. it annoyed her that the answer to her dilemma took so long to get to her. While his hands both held and violated her she dared glance at the counter. If she could reach just a tad past where she could see she had a chance. She stifled a moan as he pinched her frozen little nub between her his nails. She pleaded weakly, as if he had broken her already. The look of disappointment on his face was one she cherished. For once, she might’ve just outmaneuvered this man.

“S-sir, I’m s-sorry I was a brat.” she whimpered, looking up at him with doe eyes. His were still aflame as his fingers scratched at her lips, making her body twitch in response.

Madison waited with bated breath for his grip to loosen from her hair, and it did as it trailed down her spine to her pants, pulling them down to her thighs to reveal her wet, discolored panties. They were nearly translucent now and he was occupied with her cameltoe as he said with an air of certainty “You’ve yet to pay for your transgressions, slut. Save your apologies for after I’m done with you.”

As soon as she heard him trail off she shoved herself upward, lunging straight up and reached onto the counter for a handle of any sort. Once her fingers brushed one she latched on and pulled it out, the metal making a sound as the knife was drawn from its resting place. Andrew cursed in surprise as Madison held it against her chest, business end pointed at him. She hadn’t accounted for her pants being partly pulled down and she stumbled backwards out of the kitchen and into the hall, scrambling escort service to her feet.

It started as a low chuckle, one that rumbled and grew in depth as Andrew rose and followed her shrinking form to the bedroom. The laughter shook her to the core as she threatened him with the knife. His hand was on his belt buckle, slowly unclasping it as he stalked her and making sure she heard every loop the leather was pulled through.

“S-stay back!”

“Why? So you can dry up like the desert? So you can go back to being a whore and doing whatever the fuck you want?” he doubled the belt over and snapped it together, the crack making her jump and nearly fall onto the bed. The knife shook in her hand as he advanced. The bulge in his pants had resurfaced as he knew exactly how this would pan out and he liked the idea of using her tears as lube for when he took her.

He didn’t stop once he got to arms distance. No, Andrew only stopped when the blade indented his shirt as he looked down at her disheveled figure. She hadn’t managed to either take her pants off fully or pull them back up during her short flight and if he had any pity in him it would have been then that he gave it to her. But he had none to give that day.

He snatched her wrist and twisted it backwards painfully, his larger hand keeping the knife firmly in her hand. Madison gasped and tried to pull away but she froze the moment the tip of the blade touched her navel. Her eyes dropped to where the metal hugged the cloth of her shirt.

He started to sing while tugging it upwards, his voice dark and melodic, “The itsy bitsy brat crawled up to bitch and pout..” He let the tip trail up her stomach as the shirt gathered and resisted before succumbing to the sharp knife.

“Down came the pain to beat the brat out…” Madison’s knees grew weak as they both watched and listened to the fibers of her shirt tear until a final flick of both of their wrists cut the collar of it off, exposing her bra-clad chest.

He eyed her like one would meat as he continued, “Out came the belt and the bitch cried in vain”. He brought the knife to the center of her bra, and cut through it as he whispered the last line “And the itsy bitsy brat couldn’t walk again..” before pushing her down onto the bed and immediately bringing his belt down across her thighs forcing a frightful yelp from her.

He swung higher and let the leather bite into her chest, clipping one of her nipples and producing another cry from her. She covered her chest with her arms, blocking the next lash and taking it on her elbow instead.

“Y-you’re weak, Andrew!” she spat out at him, her voice quivering. She saw his anger flair up and felt his nails nearly break the skin on her knee as he pried her legs open. His muscles strained to hold her leg awry as he swiped the belt in between her legs, aiming for her pink center. Madison shrieked when it collided on her inner thigh, the stinging sharp and it hurt whenever she struggled to close her legs. They battled like this for some time, Madison receiving six or seven lashes to her inner thighs and some to her pussy. Seeing the red belt marks run across her pale leg only to disappear under her panties made his cock ache.

The next blow landed too high and Madison had wriggled out of his hold, clamping her thighs on the belt and grasping at it with her hands. She was panting heavily, her brow creased with sweat from both pain and effort. She glared at him over her knees that sat high on her heaving chest. He tugged and jerked on the belt to no avail and growled at her. His eyes flickered lower and the grimace grew in wickedness as he knew how to turn the tables again.

“You think I’m weak? Let me show you something slut.”

He kept his hold on the belt and using a finger he shoved the thin dripping cloth aside in order to expose her two holes. Her pussy was a dark shade of pink, she was so incredibly wet her belt marked lips shimmered and even had some juices kissing her tight winking starfish. Andrew licked his lips, he wanted more than anything to shove his fingers in there and to make her scream but good things came to those who waited. Besides, he wanted that to hurt as much as possible, but pain wasn’t the goal here. The slick sound that filled the air as his three fingers entered her snatch brought a wave of shame over her just as he had hoped. She couldn’t hold the pleasured groan as he fingered her g spot harshly.

When Andrew pressed his thumb into her clit he leaned down he sneered at her, his words stinging just as sharp as the leather had, “I’m not the one moaning like a two cent whore, quivering around my fingers ready to burst at a moment’s notice. I bet if I told you to cum now, you’d break, wouldn’t you, Maddie? You’d lie on your back like you are now and you’d cream all over my hand and I would win. You want me to win, don’t you? You always do.”

Madison had been fighting her urges to moan, to beg, to give him what he wanted. She hated him in that moment, his smugness clear in his voice and in each thrust. He was right and they both knew it. Her submissive nature screamed at her to submit to him and yet just as loudly her pride wouldn’t let her. She was so focused on her internal struggle that the grip on the belt loosened and her lips parted in an exasperated sigh as it slipped through her fingers and over her occupied cunt. Andrew grinned and withdrew his hand, slapping her pussy hard and making her jump from shock with the sudden transition from pleasure to pain.

“There… doesn’t it feel good to give up control, slut?”

With his small victory fueling him, Andrew dug his fingers into her hip and rolled her onto her knees, the belt finding her covered ass immediately. He gripped the top of her panties and pulled them tight enough to wedge them between her cheeks as he rained hellfire upon her right cheek. She bucked, squirmed and yelled as he struck her time and time again, enough that he lost track himself. The thin cloth that was stuck deep in her folds had her in tears, the pressure on her belted pussy alongside the spanking was proving too much. The friction on her clit wasn’t helping her case either and her mind was growing fuzzy.

When welts began to appear on her red and purple cheek he yanked the cloth harder, dropping the belt and reaching for the knife. He was panting slightly from effort as she wailed into the bed.

“I think I’ve earned a reward, don’t you, brat?” he asked, unzipping and finally freeing his cock. He cut her panties from where they were caught in her crotch and Madison pleaded with him to be careful. Andrew recalled his earlier thought and switched tools so he could loop the belt around her neck. Pulling it tight and forcing her to arch her back upwards, he slapped her tear stained cheek as he barked “I asked you a goddamn question!”

“F-fuck you…” She squeaked out of her fear constricted throat. The slap was followed by another and another, renewing a fresh wave of sobs from her. Andrew brought his hand down to his throbbing shaft and rubbed her tears onto his head. He then backhanded her welted asscheek and she shrieked.

That shriek didn’t compare to the shrill noise that erupted from her as Andrew barely took the time to spread her cheeks before plummeting himself balls deep in her asshole, breaking past her rim without a care for her welfare. He grimaced as it hurt him to a degree as well but feeling her cavern writhe and clench around him that pain was soon forgotten.

The grip on the belt tightened and brought her back up against his chest. She tried to protest but started choking as his pussy drenched fingers found their way into her mouth, pulling her onto his shaft as he fucked her fast and hard while her body did what it could to adjust to his assault. Madison groaned with delirious pain, she felt herself slipping and she feared that if he forced an orgasm out of her she wouldn’t be able to fight anymore. After everything that had happened already, she felt like a ticking time bomb whose fuse was already lit.

He groaned himself, she had had him on edge all day and he was finally able to extract pleasure from his teasing little bitch. He released her from the degrading fishhook and shoved her shoulders down, forcing her to catch herself on her hands to prevent the belt from choking her too much.

“It feels good, right? Being put in your place and being used like you were meant to be? You crave this abuse, my slutty little Maddie. You’ve asked for it all day. Well. Here. It. Is.” the last four words were accompanied not only by vigorous thrusts into her bleeding hole, but with four harsh slaps onto her welts, making her cry out with each one.

Madison so desperately wanted to drop her head into escorts in london the bed and give in to the pained pleasure. That combination was almost as toxic as his words seeping into her ears and she struggled to focus on how to free herself. She looked over her shoulder and watched as he fucked her in a frenzy finally released after being pent up for so long. Her body ached at her and it was almost a blessing that she felt the belt loosen around her neck as Andrew’s hand abandoned it in favor of her other hip. That meant that she had a better chance of escaping but now he was able to really dig into her and she was crying from pain more often than simply breathing.

His thrusts grew more jagged and Madison knew that this was her only shot at getting away. She felt him tense up, lost in his favorite hole of hers and she did the first thing that came to mind. She wrapped her legs around him and threw all of her weight towards the end of the bed. Andrew slipped out of her with an angered cry as his momentum was lost and so was his prey. She collapsed atop of him in the briefest of moments before sprinting into the bathroom, discarding the belt along the way.

Madison hadn’t thought this through completely. She knew there was a door in there that could potentially be slammed on his face as he pursued her but this was also the end of the road. There was no way out except back into the wolves’ den. She fell onto the floor and dragged herself towards the tub. She was crying again, and shaking as she did. When she looked up Andrew was towering in the doorway, the slightest hint of red on his shaft. When a bright droplet dripped off his head and splattered on the white tile, it took her heart with it.

“You still haven’t gotten it through your thick skull yet, have you? You can never win here. You will never win here, brat. I own you. Your thoughts, your body, your will. It’s all mine, and I’ll break you as much as I fucking have to to show you that.”

Andrew lept for her and did what she hadn’t anticipated, he grabbed her leggings and twisted them to prevent them from falling off as he dragged her towards him on her knees. Madison’s nails helplessly scratched the tiles for something to hold to no avail. She heard him open the cabinet and make a clicking noise with his tongue, as if he was ***********ing a mid afternoon snack instead of an instrument of torture.

“OooOoh look at this! You know, slut, if I haven’t had already opened up your tight little asshole, I’d imagine this would be really fucking painful. I bet it will hurt anyway. Rate it on a scale of one to ten, yeah?”

On the word “ten” he had pushed the cylindrical tip into the small gape he had made and shoved it in unceremoniously. It was in the silence after inserting the curling iron that he heard every disobedient, bratty bone in her breaking. Madison’s heart seized in her chest as she looked over her shoulder and the sobs died in her throat. Andrew’s attention wasn’t on the sodomy he was committing, it was on the plug of which he inserted in the wall after locking eyes with her and grinning wickedly. The clicking of the switch on the iron immediately shifted her demeanor from her disobedience to scared and cowering mouse seized in the jaws of her predator. He had finally broken her.

She shrieked his name and tried to pull the curling iron out of her but his grip on the handle was much firmer than any she could manage. He mockingly thanked her for helping push it deeper inside of her.

“It’s only a matter of time before we sear your fuckhole shut, slut. Then what good would you be to me? Can you answer me that, brat?’

Her lamenting was music to his ears. She hadn’t seen him trip the safety gci before he plugged it in and he was almost certain she was going to pee herself. He dragged her closer still and lined his cock up to her abused pink snatch. He thrust himself inside and she quivered around his shaft delightfully. She was crying and pleading for him to pull it out of her.

“Shut up cunt. I need to get off quick or I’ll burn myself. Wouldn’t want that, would we?” He began thrusting himself in tandem with the curling iron into the sobbing mess of a girl. Her head had fallen onto the floor, accepting her fate and giving up all hope of changing it. Seeing her so defeated turned Andrew on so much that with a few short thrusts and grunts he came deep inside her pussy.

When he withdrew his shaft he also pulled out the curling iron and slapped her purple cheek with it.

He ordered shortly “Get the fuck in the bathtub and don’t fucking think of moving.’ As she scurried to obey he flipped the switch on the wall and rested the curling iron on it’s stand. He left the room and her shivering and sobbing quietly to herself.

Madison was reduced to hiccups by the time he returned. Andrew had a pair of cuffs and had no trouble cuffing her to the pipe in the shower. She whimpered an apology for her behavior and he laughed at her, the noise stinging her being.

“It was way too late for apologies, slut. So now, you’ll stay here and be nothing more than a fixture in the bathroom. Well, I guess you are a little more than that. Here, I got something else for you. Spread your legs, cunt.’

She did as she was told, her thighs shaking slightly as they revealed her pussy, cum oozing slowly out of it. He took a box from the counter and dumped it’s its contents between her legs, the remains of her salad littering her body and the tub below it.

“Silly me, I forgot to pack the dressing. No matter. I’ve got something fresher.” Andrew had his shaft back in his hand and he toyed with it a bit before a yellow stream poured out of him and onto her stomach. Madison groaned with humiliation as he lowered his aim to dampen her cunt further and to coat some of the greens on her.

Madison was crying again from shame as he crouched down and took one soaked leaf, dipped it in her pussy to extract some cum and he shoved it into her mouth. She gagged on the repulsive flavor but swallowed it and croaked out a thank you sir.

“You will be staying here tonight, Madison. To think about what you’ve done today and for me to use whenever I need a cumrag or a toilet. Because that is all you are.” Andrew didn’t look at her as he flicked his fingers towards the curling iron, some liquid striking it and creating steam that made her cower into the tub further.

He shut the light off and left her in the darkness. She sat there sniffling and whimpering, doing what she could to wrap her chained arms around herself. She shivered and released the occasional lamented moan. Madison felt cold and yet on fire all at once. Inside, she tormented herself, her shattered psyche taking just as much of a beating as her body had. It pained her that she had been this disobedient, that she had fought him that much.

The two times she had cried herself to sleep he had woken her up with either another torrent of piss or he pulled her up and over the side of the tub to fuck her ass again, leaving a large load inside of it. When he had woken her with his wet stream, he had aimed for her face and startled her awake. The look of disappointment on his crushed what was left of her and before he had finished peeing her sobbing apologies had started and had accompanied him out the door. He hadn’t said a single word to her but that look he had given her haunted her well into her fitful slumber.

The second time, after he had cum inside of her asshole he had decided to remind her of why she was being punished, for each rule she broke and for each atrocity she had committed. He had then spanked her left cheek with his hand until he was ready for round three and he emptied what was left in his balls down her throat. By then Madison had no more tears to cry and her mind was numb.

Andrew hasn’t slept a wink, listening to her every sound in the bathroom when he heard her cry out their safeword sometime after 4am. He rushed to her side with the key in the lock to her cuffs. He softly reassured her that he was there for her as he climbed into the tub and held her.

Andrew turned on the water to warm her as he stroked her matted hair and kissed her head. She cried into his chest as he gently lathered soap on her back and washed her of filth and grime. Andrew spoke to her soothingly, telling her he was proud that she had fought so well and that she held out for so long, that she had surprised him with her tenacity. He added in that that was one of the things he admired about her, and that he was certain that she would think twice about the lessons she had learned today. When her sniffling had subsided, he cupped her chin and lifted her head towards his and he whispered “You’ll be my good girl from now on?”

“Y-yes Sir,” she said with a broken smile, quite possibly the most beautiful one he had seen adorn her face. He kissed her forehead again and kept her close for the rest of the night.

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